My name is Shavawn Boyer, RN, ASN.  I was born and raised in Georgia and have been a nurse for 10 years now.  My passion is to help people that are suffering from an addiction realize they are capable of living a life they love (be it food, drugs, or whatever).  I do this by sharing my story of a 10 year addiction to food and the transformation that happened one step at a time when I was ready to live a life that felt better.  I felt alone and embarrassed to tell anyone because I am a nurse and that should have known better, my nutrition was wrecking havoc on all areas of my life.  What I discovered is that nutrition effects every aspect of your life whether you realize it or not.  It effects the way you feel about yourself, your moods, and even your relationships.  Even more than that, what you eat is a form of self love.  I want to show how I used food to first hurt myself and then to heal myself.  I’m going to tell my personal story of struggles and triumph to shine a light on the healthcare industry from an insiders point of view, both as a nurse and a patient.  Nutrition can help manage and prevent many diseases and so can self love.  May your journey into your best lift be filled with food that loves you back as much as you love it.  If you want to know more or contact me directly, send a message to GirlyRenee@bellsouth.net.

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