Sticks and stones, may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

That was a saying that I learned when I was little.

When I first learned it, I believed it.

Now, I know that the saying wasn’t true.

Words can hurt you. Maybe not physically like sticks and stones. They can certainly hurt you emotionally.

I recently had someone tease me about not being one hundred percent black. I know she didn’t mean any harm by it, but it still hurt. Some of the things that were said, were the same things that I had heard from kids growing up about not being black enough.

I wish I could say that those words didn’t hurt anymore, but they did.

I wish I was at a point where I didn’t allow those words to hurt me but I’m not.

I’m forty years old and some things can still hurt me emotionally.

I’ve also had someone in my life, say that if you forgive someone then you should also forget what happened.

I’ve forgiven the people in my past, that said those things about me not being black enough. But I also can’t forget.


I don’t want to forget how they made me feel because I don’t want anybody to feel that way. By not forgetting that feeling, it helps me to be mindful of my words and actions. I don’t want to be the cause of anybody feeling how I felt in those moments of being called not black enough.

I know that people choose how they feel. No one can make you feel anything.

Being mean to people isn’t good for anybody. Saying mean things to people because of their heritage isn’t right. I can’t help the family that I was born into or my ancestors.

I appreciate all the people that came together to make me.

Words are very powerful.

They can hurt when not used properly. They can also uplift you.

I’m just going to be mindful of the words that I say and write.

Sticks and stones may break my bones and words can really hurt me.