I Don’t Agree

I was recently turned down from a job that I really wanted.

They sent an email saying that I didn’t have the skills or experience needed for the position.

I disagreed with that email because my last job was the same position. I have been a covid swabber on a cruise ship and I was applying to be a covid swabber on a cruise ship with a new company. I was confused as to why they would say that I didn’t have the skills or experience needed.

I talked to my friends and told them what the email said. I had given them the companies information and two of them got hired. While I was happy for them, I was confused as to why I didn’t get the position.

I emailed the recruiter and then I called her.

We talked and it ended up being a simple misunderstanding and she set me up for an interview the very next day.

I did the interview and ended up getting hired. They said I had the experience and skills that they needed. I was glad to hear that.

If I had not of called the recruiter, I wouldn’t have this job.

Some of my friends said it was because they liked me.

I think it’s because I didn’t accept what was said in the email and I took action. If I hadn’t of called the recruiter and talked to her about the email, then I wouldn’t have gotten the interview set up and been hired.

I could have just accepted the email and then moved on. There is another company that is hiring for covid swabbers.

I really wanted to work for this company because they have a lot of ships, and I can work international with this company.

With my last company, I was told that it was frowned upon to request a ship or request where you wanted to go. The company would decide where you were needed.

It wasn’t in the contract that I couldn’t ask, so I asked. I wanted to stay on a certain ship, and I asked, and I got to stay. I wanted to go to Alaska and asked. I got to go to Alaska.

I don’t know if the manager liked it, but she gave me what I asked for. She never told me to stop asking or that she couldn’t do it.

If you don’t ask the answer will always be no. The worst that the manager could have said is no. But she never did. I got what I asked for.

I remember my life coach saying, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. That means that if you don’t ask for something then you won’t get what you need or want.

When I’m afraid to ask for something, I think of that saying and then I ask.

Have you ever asked for something and gotten it or been told, no?

I’m not saying that you will get everything that you ask for but if you are told no, at least you asked. I’ve been told no before. I’m still proud of myself for asking.

I was nervous when I was calling the recruiter about the rejection email. She could have said that she agreed with the hiring managers and told me sorry. Thankfully she didn’t agree with the email and talked to the hiring manager for me.