Trolls Part Deux

The trolls have given Bridget a make over.  Bridget feels like she can’t talk to King Griselle even though she has been the scullery maid since she was little.  She has been around the King since he was the prince.  Now that she has the make over, the trolls hide under her wig and tell her what to say.  She is so nervous. She is nervous because most of her life, every body has over looked her.  The chef has called her Idget.  Bridget has been ordered around for most of her life.

On the way to see King Griselle, Bridget sings a song and dances.

Through out the whole movie, the Bergens sing and dance.  I think the reason that the Bergens think that they can’t sing and dance is because they compare themselves to the trolls.  The trolls are very good at singing and dancing.  The Bergens don’t have hair that can change colors, hair that can grow fast, or do backflips.  There is a saying that says, “Every one is a genius, but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing it is stupid.”  Since the Bergens are comparing themselves to the trolls, they believe that they can’t be happy unless they eat a troll once a year and transfer the trolls happiness to themselves.  They believe they can’t sing or dance since they don’t do it like the trolls do.

The trolls make up a name for Bridget and call her Lady Glitter Sparkles.  The King and Lady Glitter Sparkles go out to eat pizza and then skating.  While eating pizza, Bridget says something.  She says that, “being here with you, makes me realize that true happiness is possible.”  The king says that she is right and that happiness is closer than she thinks.  He then shows her that he has Creek hidden inside his necklace.  The king asks Lady Glitter Sparkles to be his plus one at Trollstice.  She says yes.  They then go skating and have fun.  The chef interrupts and says to the king that he looks like he is having fun.  Bridget runs off because she fears that the chef will recognize her.  She leaves one of her skates behind and the king finds it.

When the trolls and Bridget get back to her room, every one is excited.  Bridget is excited because she just had a date with the king and the king likes her.  The trolls are excited because Creek is alive.  The trolls decide to go get Creek.  Bridget stops them and says the they have to help her tomorrow because she is going to be the king’s plus one at Trollstice.  When the trolls say no, Bridget starts to cry.  Princess Poppy says that she and the king can make each other happy.  Bridget says no that only eating a troll can make a Bergen happy.  She forgets that she said that true happiness is possible when she was on her date with the king.

The trolls go to save Creek.  They find the king’s necklace in his room.  The king’s dog is also in the room and starts to chase the trolls.  The king is on his treadmill while the trolls sneak into his room.  The trolls take Bridget’s skate that the king has saved from the date.  They escape the dog on the skate.  After crash landing the skate, the trolls open up the king’s necklace, only to find that Creek is no longer in the necklace.  The chef captures the trolls after they make that discovery.

The trolls are put back in the cage and discover that Creek is with the chef.  Branch then figures out that Creek is now working with the chef.  Creek explains that when he was put into the king’s mouth he had an epiphany.  He didn’t want to die so he made a bargain with the king and the chef to turn in the other trolls as long as he didn’t get eaten.  He then steals Poppy’s bell.

The chef and some other Bergens go to the trolls hiding place.  Creek uses Poppy’s bell to get the other trolls to come out.  All of the trolls are then captured by the Bergens.  They are put into a huge pot to be cooked when Trollstice starts.  Poppy becomes sad because she thought that she was going to save the trolls.  Now she and all the other trolls are going to be eaten.  Poppy then loses her color when she is sad.  Then all the other trolls lose their color as well.  Branch then starts to sing to the princess.  At the end of the song, Poppy has found her happiness again and her color comes back.  All of the other trolls find their happiness again too and their color as well.  Even Branch gets his color back.  He states that he is finally happy.  “Happiness is inside of all of us, some times you just need some one to help you find it.”

Right after he says this the lid is taken off the pot.  Bridget has decided to let all the trolls escape.  She says that she can’t let the trolls get eaten.  She tells Poppy that,”she showed her what it feels like to be happy.  I would have never known if it wasn’t for you.”  Poppy and the other trolls escape and Bridget goes into the main hall with the empty pot.

King Griselle is sad because Lady Glitter Sparkles hasn’t shown up yet.  He holds onto her skate that she left.  The trolls have made it to the troll tree.  Princess Poppy then makes a decision that all the Bergens can be happy.

Poppy and her friends go back to the castle.  Meanwhile the Bergens have found out that the trolls are gone.  The chef accuses Bridget of eating all the trolls and orders the guards to put Bridget in jail.  The guards surround Bridget and just when they are about to grab her, the trolls bust through the window in the other skate that Bridget wore on her date with the king.  They make the rainbow wig out of their hair to show King Griselle that Bridget is Lady Glitter Sparkles.  The King is surprised and asks Bridget why she would do that.  She then tells him that she didn’t think that he would want her because she is just a maid.

The chef still insists that the guards lock her up.  Princess Poppy then asks King Griselle if he was feeling something when he was with Bridget.  King Griselle says that he was but he thought that feeling was just eating too much pizza.  Princess Poppy states that that feeling was happiness.  Another Bergen then says that, “you have to eat a troll to be happy.”  Princess Poppy then points out that King Griselle has never eaten a troll but he was still happy.  King Griselle then puts the skate onto the foot of Bridget and states, “here I am, my belly empty and my heart full.”

The Bergen chef is angry.  She wanted to rule the kingdom and be in charge.  She wants things to stay the same.  If the Bergens discover that they don’t need to eat trolls to be happy, she won’t be in power.  She tells the Bergens that there is only one way to be happy and she is the only one that can give it to them.  She tries to force the king to eat a troll.  She puts Branch onto the kings tongue and Poppy saves him from being eaten.

Princess Poppy then states, “happiness isn’t some thing that you put inside, it’s already there.  Sometimes you just need some one to help you find it.”

That statement resonates with me because of my eating disorder that I dealt with.  I used to think that happiness could be obtained through eating or when I was losing weight.

A Bergen then asks her can he really be happy and Poppy states yes.  The Bergens then start to listen to Poppy.  The trolls start to sing one of my favorite songs.

A big dance party breaks out with the Bergens throwing their bibs in the air.  The Bergen chef is again thrown out of the kingdom along with Creek.  They end up getting eating by a huge creature.  Poppy ends up getting crowned Queen.

The whole message of the movie that I get is that happiness is already inside of every one.  I didn’t need to buy any new clothes, get a new boyfriend or husband, lose weight, or get a new career.  I can be happy right where I am with what I already have.  Yes, I needed some one to help me find it.  I got a life coach and now I’m living a life that I always dreamed of.  I just took a solo vacation to Sydney, Australia.  These are just some of the pictures that I took.  I believe that you can just see the happiness radiating from me in these pictures.