The Movie that Changed my Life

super_nurse[1]I recently watched a movie that changed my life.  The movie is called, “The Secret”.

I learned two important lessons from this movie.

The first important lesson is that your thoughts really do create your reality.

You attract into your world what you think about.  When I was depressed and negative, I attracted that into my life.  Now that I love myself, I attract very positive people into my life.  I’ve had two other nurses offer me a place to stay when they barely even knew me.  I had told them about my living situation problems when I had first gotten to Hawaii.

I sometimes use the people around me to check myself.

If I notice a lot of negative people suddenly showing up in my life, I check myself.  I ask myself, “Am I being too negative?”  That stops me from thinking a lot of negative thoughts.  You can also manifest your fears if you think about them too much.

The second lesson I learned was that your actions have to be in harmony with what you are asking.

To me that means that if I think of something I want, I then have to take the necessary actions to get what I want.

If I don’t put myself in a position to receive what I want, then what I ask for will just stay a want.

For example, I want to learn how to swim.  I am a still a little scared of putting my head under the water.  I’ve paid for swimming lessons, but if I don’t show up to swimming lessons then I will not learn how to swim.

After watching the movie, I was able to make a very important decision.  Recently, I had to find another place to stay.  I thought that my contract ended at the end of January.  My landlord had already rented the apartment for February.  I loved the apartment because it has a great ocean view.  I could go back to the hotel that also had a great view but then I wouldn’t be making any money.  I would be working just to pay my rent.  After the movie, I decided to rent a cheap room for the last month.  It doesn’t have an ocean view but I had an ocean view for 5 months, I’m grateful for that.  Now I’m not worried about not being able to do anything in my last month of being in Hawaii.  I can still make some money and still go on adventures when I want to.  I was losing sleep over having to make this decision.  After the movie, I haven’t lost any sleep over the decision.

The Secret has become one of my favorite movies.

The Travel Life is the Life for me!

super_nurse[1]Becoming a travel nurse has taught me a lot about myself.

Usually when I start a new job, I’m very quiet and it takes me a long time to become comfortable around new people.  Now that I’m a travel nurse, I can’t afford to be quiet.  I have to become comfortable really quickly.  Every hospital has different policies.  I have to ask questions and that gets me out of my comfort zone.

I not only have to ask questions for myself but for my patients as well.  Some hospitals allow the patient to leave the floor to get some fresh air or smoke.  Some hospitals don’t allow that.

I’ve become more outgoing now that I’m a travel nurse.

That outgoing spirit has affected my private life as well.  I just recently went horseback riding by myself.  I was nervous but I really enjoyed myself.  I’m doing things that I only dreamed of doing.

I also learned a big lesson recently about living the life of your dreams..

Working too much and not taking the time out to have fun will lead to burn out.

I was recently feeling very burned out for the past couple of weeks.  I kept telling myself that I am living the life of my dreams and I shouldn’t be felling this way.  It was getting harder and harder to get up for work.  Don’t get me wrong, I love being a nurse but some days I feel like I just can’t be a nurse today.  I’m doing so many things on my days off that it is easy for me to get burned out and feel like I haven’t had a day off.  I’m sure that people who have a lot of things to do feel the same way.  That there are just not enough hours in the day to get done what they need to get done.

Now I realize that I need to do something every day that brings me happiness or peace.

Some days I just meditate.  Some days I just sit in the park by the ocean.  Being in nature rejuvenates me.  Some days its just exercising.  Some days its just writing in my journal.  Some days its just listening to music.

Every now and then I’ll go on a big adventure like whale watching, para sailing, or horseback riding

I now love to travel to new places.  2 years ago, I was terrified of traveling to new places and not being in my comfort zone.  I was scared of meeting new people.  Some one once told me that it was time to spread my smile and my happiness around the world.  She was right.

Living the life of my dreams hopefully has inspired other people to do the same.   The travel life is the life for me!!!

The Universe, the Creator, or God’s timing is always Perfect!

super_nurse[1]When I was about 7 or 8 years old, I had a great experience at church.

I had left my money at home.  I had a $20 bill in my other purse that I had left.  I didn’t realize I left it until I went in my purse to grab my money for the first offering and I didn’t have any money in my purse.

I immediately became anxious.

I wanted to be a grown up.  I didn’t want to ask my mom for any money.  If I asked my mom for money, I knew that she was only going to give me $5.  I had wanted to put the whole $20 in the offering.

I didn’t know what to do.

The moment for the offering was coming up and I didn’t have any money to put into the envelope.  I finally thought to myself that I have ask my mom for money.

Right as the ushers were getting up to pass out the envelopes, my dad turns around and passes a $20 bill to me.  He mouths that the money is from Mother Jones.  I got Mother Jones attention and mouthed thank you to her.  I put the whole $20 bill into the offering.  I felt like a little boss when I dropped the envelope into the basket.

This situation let me know that God’s timing is perfect.  I didn’t tell anyone that I had left my money at home.  There was no way that Mother Jones or my parents knew that I was anxious about not having any money.

God, the universe, or the Creator ( who ever or what ever you call it) has perfect timing.

I’ve also learned that what God wants God gets.

I never wanted to move when I was little.  Even if we were moving to a bigger house.  I didn’t like the idea of moving because I was being taken out of my comfort zone.

I would pray and pray that we wouldn’t move.

Fortunately for me, we still moved.  That taught me a valuable.

It’s God’s will and not my will.

If it were up to me, I wouldn’t struggle and my life would be easy.  If that were true, then I wouldn’t learn and grow.  I still don’t like conflict to this day but that is a part of growing up.  No one would misunderstand me.  Also if it were up to me, I wouldn’t be waiting on my future husband to come into my life.  I would have met him in high school and we would be married right now.  That was not God’s plan for my life.  I am right where God wants me to be in my life and where I want to be too

I think that if most people would look at the struggles that they have had in their life, they would realize that the struggles made you a better person.  The struggles taught you a lesson that you may not have learned if you didn’t experience the struggles.

Experience is the best teacher.