Segregation Has Never Been the Answer


One of my favorite movies is Happy Feet Two, in part because the message that I get from this movie is that segregation has never been the answer.

Helping other people and caring about them is the answer.

Here’s what went down (Movie Spoiler Alert!): Happy Feet Two is about penguins who get stuck behind a glacier.  There is no way out.  Mumble has went to go find his son and that is the only reason that he, his son, and two of his son’s friends are not trapped by the glacier.  While coming back home, Mumble and the three kids try to pass an elephant seal.  The elephant seal doesn’t want to let them pass because in the elephant seal culture, an elephant seal doesn’t go backwards.  A fight ensues and the elephant seal ends up getting trapped.  Mumble goes to help the elephant seal.  The elephant seal has two kids that he was trying to teach.  If Mumble had not helped the elephant seal then the elephant seal would have starved to death and two kids would have lost a father.  Mumble didn’t have to help the elephant seal but he does because he wants to and by doing that he made a friend.  At the end of the movie, the different species come together to help the penguins escape the glacier.  A tiny krill ends up being the one to break the ice and saves the penguins.  If the krill had just stayed and accepted his fate (usually krill are just food for bigger animals) then the krill would not have saved the penguins and learned to dance.  Because the animals worked together, and the krill dared to go on a journey, he was able to help out the penguins without him knowing it.

Sometimes you have to go on a journey to find yourself. 

If the species in the movie had of just stayed to themselves then a whole other species would have become extinct.  I see so many parallels between this movie and real life.

We have used segregation in the past and it has never worked.  I propose that we do the opposite.

Only love can stamp out hate.

Whether we know it or not, when one human being is hurt then it affects us all.  For example when a patient gets readmitted to the hospital with the same diagnosis within 30 days of leaving the hospital, then the hospital doesn’t get paid for that readmission.  Even if the patient didn’t do what we set up for the patient to do.  When the patient doesn’t go to the follow up appointments or take the medication prescribed, that in turn affects the hospital. Which in turn affects everyone at the hospital.

A big reason that I love to be a nurse is that I get to talk to a lot of different people about a lot of different subjects.  I get to learn about different cultures and other people’s views.  I may not agree with what they are saying but I can still respect them as a person.

I can disagree with a person and still take care of them.

I wouldn’t want to go to a hospital where I could only take care of people that looked or thought like me.

I like to be around people that have different views than me.  I can learn so much. 

I challenge you to go talk to someone that is different than you.  Actually, do one better, and really listen to them. 

Maybe you will start to realize that you have more in common with them than you thought.  Maybe that person loves the same food or music as you.  Maybe that person is struggling with the same issues as you.  Maybe that person has the same sense of humor as you.  As Gandhi says, “Be the change that you wish to see.”  I don’t want to live in a world where I can only interact with people of my own race.

I in no way own these songs.  I added them because it helps to get my point across.

Charge It To The Universe

super_nurse[1]What you put out into the universe comes back to you.  I recently had an umbrella stolen from me.  At first, I was mad because I really liked that umbrella.  My life coach gave it to me and it was so small it fit into my pocket.  I would get complimented on how cute it was.  The day it got stolen of course it was raining.  I had to walk to my car in the rain.  Then I remembered something that I did years ago.  When I used to work at a retail store, there was this duck umbrella that I liked.  I don’t know who owned it but it was left for a whole month in the break room, so I helped myself to it.  I had that umbrella for about 10 years before it broke.  With this recent incident, I realized that the umbrella was never really mine.  Someone else needed that umbrella, so now it is their umbrella.  I just told myself, “Charge it to the Universe”.  To me that means to let it go and not to worry over what happened.  My time with that object was done.  I used to work at a hospital where my lunch got eaten by someone else about 3 times.  At first, I was upset.  I didn’t have anything to eat for lunch.  Luckily the hospital would give me a voucher, so that I could get something under $5 from either the lunchroom or McDonalds.  I thought about the person who ate my food, whoever that person was.  That person may have been going through some very hard times.  That person may not have had the courage to ask for a voucher for lunch.  That person may not have wanted to tell anybody about what was going on.  So if I could help feed someone who is going through a hard time then I’m happy.  It was just a Lean Cuisine which was about 3 or 4 dollars.  I can spare that to help someone else out.  When you are building up your Universal Currency, sometimes it is your turn to deposit and sometimes it is your turn to withdraw.  Sometimes it is your turn to receive and sometimes it is your turn to give.  There is enough for everybody.  By me “losing” the umbrella, it was my turn to give to the universe.  In the past, I would pay for things and end up not going.  I paid for a plane ticket, dinners, and even a parasailing adventure and didn’t end up going.  I didn’t even ask for a refund because I just didn’t feel like it.  I just told myself that apparently the company needed the money and went about my business.  I didn’t want to tell them that I just changed my mind at the last minute and didn’t want to go.  I didn’t want to tell them that I felt fat that day and wanted to stay at home.  I’m laughing at myself because I’m sure that would not have been a valid reason for a refund.  Now when I pay for something I end up going because now I’m not depressed and I want to go on adventures.  So I just had a Charge It to the Universe moment.  I need to learn to let go or give willingly.  Things come and things go but the lessons that I learn will stay for many lifetimes.



My Father Taught Me

super_nurse[1]My father taught me so many things.  I am grateful for him.  He taught me what a man should do, not only for his family but also for the woman he loves.  I used to be scared of thunder and lightning when I was little especially at night time.  I would get up and stand at the top of the stairs and call for my dad until he came upstairs.  He would always come with a blanket and a pillow.  He would lay on the floor until I fell asleep.  If he tried to leave before I was asleep then I would sit up and stare at him until he laid back down.  I was scared to have him leave me alone when I was scared. My father gave me his presence and not just presents.  My father has been woken up countless times at night to come kill a bug that was in my room.  He never told me to just go back to sleep.  He knew that I would not be able to go back to sleep unless the bug was out of my room.  My father even drove 20 minutes to my house to kill a spider that was in my house.  I knew that when he said it was a big spider that it was really big then.   Sometimes my father would inconvenience himself for his family.  I knew he didn’t want to get out of bed to drive to my house but he did it.  I remember when I was growing up, my dad would leave post it love notes to my mother on the refrigerator.  Yes I would read them.  He gave me financial advice that I still follow to this day.  I’ve talked to a lot of people who didn’t have anyone to give them financial advice.  He taught me how to balance a checkbook.  I am so grateful to have my father in my life.  I still go to him when I have some problems.  I know I don’t tell him as often as he would like but I love my father.

Learning to Say No to Get What I Want

super_nurse[1]I had to learn how to say no to get what I want.  When I first made the decision to go to Hawaii, my recruiter was really playing devils advocate.  She told me that almost no hospital in Hawaii would guarantee hours.  She also told me that the last nurse she sent to Hawaii didn’t have a problem with getting hours.  So I told her to put in my application for some jobs there and also in Florida.  There were three hospitals in Hawaii and multiple hospitals in Florida.  I really wanted to go to Hawaii.  I had already had a 3 month job in Florida, I was ready for Hawaii.  No hospital in Hawaii called for 3 weeks.  I got two calls from some hospitals in Florida.  I turned them down because that is not where I wanted to be.  By this time I had been off for a month and I started to get worried.  As a travel nurse, if you’re not on assignment then I don’t have a paycheck coming in.  By the end of July, I had a talk with God and then the jobs from Hawaii started to call.  All three hospitals that I applied to called me.  I suddenly went from no jobs from Hawaii to three jobs.  I was able to pick the assignment that fit me.  One hospital was offering a day and night position.  One week I would work day shift and the next week I would work night shift.  I don’t like working night shift.  I turned that position down.  The second hospital had only night shift available.  I turned that one down too.  The third hospital had a day shift available.  The manager did ask me if I could work a night shift for a couple of weeks.  I told her no because I don’t want to work night shifts.  She said ok and still hired me for only day shifts.  I didn’t give her an explanation, I just told her I don’t want to work night shifts.  The hospital still doesn’t guarantee my hours but I still haven’t had a problem.  In fact I get overtime which pays very well.  The number one complaint that I hear from the travel nurses here, is that they don’t like to work days and nights.  They would rather either work day or night shifts but not both.  One nurse told me that she has had to resort to taking sleeping pills because she can’t sleep at night.  She is used to working night shifts and the day shifts were throwing off her sleep pattern.  I’m glad I spoke up and said what I wanted.  If I don’t speak up and say what I want then the answer will always be no.  Now I have exactly what I want.  I’m working day shift and I’m in Hawaii.  I don’t have to say yes to every job that wants me.  I say no so that I can say yes to the job that works for me.  I say no in life to things that don’t serve me so that I can say yes to the things that do serve me.  I don’t have to say yes to every opportunity that presents itself to me.  That’s how a person gets spread too thin and they get stressed.  Saying no has made my life so much easier.  I get to pick which opportunities that I’m going to take.  I don’t feel guilty when I say no.  I’m learning that I also don’t have to explain myself when I do say no.  Just say no!  It’s just that simple.

Patient Acuity or Nurse Comfort?

super_nurse[1]I recently worked at a hospital that doesn’t consider patient acuity when making the schedule.  They told me that they want the nurses to be close to the patients so they put the nurse in consecutive rooms.  They would put the nurse from rooms 35-40 and not consider the type of patients in those rooms.  One day I had seven patients and 6 out of the 7 were high acuity patients.  6 out of 7 were total care patients, diabetics, they had daily dressing changes, and 4 out of the 5 were confused and trying to get out of bed.  I was constantly running.  If I were a charge nurse, I would have split my group between two nurses instead of having one nurse take those patients.  I would rather have patients on two hallways than to have 6 high acuity patients.  I felt like I couldn’t give excellent care because I was so task oriented that day.  Even the charge nurse said that this was the way things have always been.  They want the nurse to be in consecutive rooms so the nurse will be closer to the patients.  The other thing with this hospital is that the permanent nurses work an 8 hour shift and the travelers work 12 hour shifts.  Some travelers work 8 hour shift too but most work 12 hour shifts.  I haven’t been able to keep the patients that I started with.  Sometimes I get a completely new assignment when the evening shift gets there.  The evening nurse wants the patient’s back that they had the other day so the charge nurse gives them back to the other nurse.  When I talk to the permanent nurses, they have also said that the charge nurses don’t consider the patient acuity level.  I asked them why they haven’t said anything and they have said that is just the way things are.  I told them about my experiences at other hospitals and that this is not normal.  Just because things have always been a certain way doesn’t mean they have to stay that way.  Having a patient for 2 days in a row helps not only the nurse but the patient as well.  I would be able to tell the doctor what the patient did yesterday instead of relying on the nurses notes which don’t always tell the whole story of what happened to the patient.  Sometimes the nurse doesn’t chart on the patient.  I can only go by what was given to me in report.  I’m grateful to have worked at this hospital because it taught me a lot.  I think that patient acuity is more important than having the nurse comfortable because the rooms that the nurse has are close together.  I’d rather have to walk a few more steps than to put a patient or my license in danger because the patient acuity wasn’t thought about when making the schedule.

Manifesting my Destiny

super_nurse[1]My thoughts help me to manifest my destiny.  2 years ago, I was depressed.  I wasn’t happy with what I had.  I could only see sadness, unhappiness, and hate in the world.  I was really ungrateful for the things that I did have even though I had more than most.  I saw moments of happiness and sometimes I could feel them but it wasn’t lasting.  I was manifesting the thoughts that I was thinking.  I would sing a horrible song to myself.  I turned the song “I’m Beautiful” by James Blunt into “I’m ugly”.  I would sing that to myself on a daily basis because that is how I felt about myself.  One of the ways my life coach helped me is to change the way I think about myself and learning to be grateful of what I have.  Every day for a month I would get up and right down three things that I was grateful for.  I still do this exercise only I do it in my mind.  Just this Saturday, I had a busy day at work.  As I was walking out of the hospital, I was hit with this sudden overwhelming joy.  The thought that was going through my mind was that I am living in Hawaii.  That is something that I used to only dream about but was too scared to do.  I was scared to not be near my family and friends.  Now that I have changed the way I think, I have more happiness in my life.  I’m attracting more positivity into my life.  I’m seeing more beauty in the world.  I’m more out going and doing new things that I have come to love and lift my spirit.  I still have negative thoughts at times but I don’t entertain them like I used to.  I’m manifesting a more positive life.  I’m attracting what I am now and that is positivity.  The first thing that really helped me to change the way I think was changing the way I eat.  When I ate doughnuts and fast food every day, I was sad and depressed.  When I changed to eating more raw fruits and vegetables, my thinking started to change.  I started to feel good about myself.  Now when I eat a muffin or a brownie, the next day I feel sad and not myself.  The thing that I get complimented on most at work is my ability to keep smiling even when the work is hard and that I help out a lot.  The last hospital that I worked at really showed me the power of positive thinking.  I didn’t want to be floated to another floor because I like the people that I worked with.  I decided to look at being floated as a new experience.  I didn’t have any problems when I floated to another floor.  The people were nice to me and even asked if I would come back to the floor sometimes.  I turned the situation around with my thinking.  Positive thinking works.  I know that I would not be where I’m at right now if I had not changed my thoughts and then took action.  I am a beautiful person inside and out.