Room to Grow

I recently had some events happen to me that let me know that I still have some room to grow.

The first event happened a month ago.  I was whale watching and I wanted to see some whales.  It had been a long time since whales had been spotted.  By now I know that nothing is guaranteed with whale watching.  You could go whale watching every day and see something different or see nothing.  Nature is not scripted and if you do see something then you were meant to see it.

A month ago, we ended up seeing some Risso’s dolphins.  I have never seen any of those dolphins.  The captain and the photographer said that they hadn’t seen those dolphins in Newport Beach.  I was grateful and happy that I saw them but there was another part of me that was sad that I didn’t see any whales.

The other situation happened a few weeks ago.  I went up to Seattle to whale watch.  I was hoping to see the killer whales.  The killer whale season in Seattle is from the end of June through September.  I was within the season.  Even the resident killer whales are not a guarantee to be seen because their food source has been on the decline.  Unfortunately I didn’t see any killer whales but we did see some Dall’s porpoises.  I was also sad that day.  The reason I was sad was because I had wanted to see the killer whales because I had had a horrible dream about them about a month ago.  In the dream, every killer whale in the world wanted to kill me.  Usually when I dream about killer whales, they help me and protect me.  I wanted to see them so that I could feel better.  Then I read the whale blog on the whale watching company’s website and they saw some killer whales the very next day.  I just wasn’t meant to see the killer whales.

In each of those situations, I got to see something that rarely happens.  It wasn’t what I wanted to see but it was what I was meant to see.  These situations taught me that I still have room to grow.  Growing to be more thankful for what I do see.  I’m not going to stop wanting and traveling to see killer whales, which are my favorite animal.  But I am going to try to stop being sad when I don’t see what I want to see and be grateful for what I do see.  

Is there a situation where you know that you could grow?