Every time that I go hiking, I get a message from God/Universe.

It’s been over a month since I last went hiking.  I was getting a little frustrated with myself because I was having to take more breaks than usual.

I thought about the story of the tortoise and the hare.  The hare could have won the race because it was faster than the tortoise, it was cocky and then it fell asleep.  The tortoise won because it didn’t give up, even though it was slow.

After thinking about that, I wasn’t so hard on myself for taking more breaks.  I still made it to the top of the mountain.

Another lesson I learned was just to enjoy the moment.

Most of my friends are married, have kids, and have homes.  I’m still trying to find the place that I want to call home.  Hawaii is number 1 right now.  I’m still not done being a travel nurse yet.  I haven’t met my future husband yet.

Sometimes I compare my life to theirs and I feel like I’m behind some how.  I want to be married and have a home.  Then I start to worry about why it hasn’t happened for me yet, have I missed an opportunity in the past, or will it ever happen for me.  Then I realize that:

It’s just not my time right now for that.

All those things will happen when God/Universe decides it is time.  Every thing comes to me when the time is right.

For example, it took me about 2 years to get a killer whale tattoo design.  I had been looking but not finding anything.  Finally when I took a vacation to Washington, I found a design from a t-shirt.  The design came to me when I was ready for it and at the right time.

I’m going to stop comparing my life to any one else’s life.  I’m right on time in my life.  Every thing will come when it is meant to come and at the right time.  I’m doing very well right now by my own standards.

Being able to think and reflect is one of the reasons that I love hiking.

From now on, I’m going to try to just enjoy the moment and stop worrying about the future and when things are going to happen in my life.

Looking at my past shows me that every thing will come when it’s time.

I bought this turtle about 2 years ago when I went to New York.

Looking at this turtle reminds me to not take things for granted and to enjoy the moment.  Just like the tortoise and the hare, going at my own pace is the best.  I don’t have to be the fastest, prettiest, or smartest.  I just have to be the best me that I can be.