Taking Action

I recently had a conversation with someone that made me think.

I was talking to this person about the vaccine and the conversation took a turn. He asked how he could get his wife to take the vaccine.

I ended up telling him a story about myself.

I told him that I had been praying to God/Universe for years to help me lose weight. At that time, I wasn’t ready to give up eating fast food, cakes, or doughnuts.

I didn’t lose any weight until I took some action. God/Universe wasn’t just going to magically suck the fat out of me one night.

I had to start eating healthy and exercising. I could have gone with liposuction but I didn’t have the money for that at the time and I wanted a lifestyle change not a quick fix.

The man then said that faith without works is dead.

That can be applied to anything in life.

If I didn’t become a nurse then I couldn’t have become a travel nurse. I had to take action and go to nursing school.

Any goal that I had in life, I had to take action to make it become a reality in my life.

It’s not enough to just think about something.

I’ve recently been eating a lot of cake since my favorite Aunt Charlotte died in August. Just last month, I decided to stop eating so much cake. I haven’t had a piece of cake since last month. I had to take that action because my clothes were getting too tight. Either I was going to have to buy new clothes or lose the 10 pounds that I had gained in the last 2 months. I was eating a lot of cake to soothe myself but I knew it was time to stop. It helped for a time but it’s time to deal with my emotions in a more healthy way.

Think about all the actions that you have taken in your own life to get you where you are now.

If you had just thought about what you wanted and not taken any action, think about where you would be in your life right now.

Would you love that life or would you wish that you had taken some action?

I know that I wish I hadn’t wasted so much of my life not taking any action but that time makes me really appreciate where I am right now. I appreciate the life that I have built now because I know how much work I put in to get here.

I also recently found a job that I liked. I applied to the job and got a call back. I missed the call and I called back and left a message. I didn’t hear anything back. I could have given up and said it just wasn’t meant to be.

I didn’t give up, I applied for another job on the job board. When the manager called back, I answered the call, and I got the job. As I’m typing this, I’m in the middle of the ocean on a cruise ship working.

If I hadn’t of taken the action to apply for the job, then I wouldn’t have had the opportunity.

I’ve been wanting to get away from the bedside for a while now and this job makes that dream come true. I can still use my nursing degree and not have to be in a hospital.