I remember in kindergarten, we used to play a game named Telephone.

The teacher would have the children sit in a circle.  She would write a sentence on a piece of paper.  She would then select a student.  That student would get up and the teacher would show the sentence to that one student.  The student would rejoin the circle and tell the sentence to the student on the right.  The student listening could have the other student repeat the sentence if they didn’t hear it.  We were told to whisper the sentence to the other student.  When the sentence had traveled through all the students, the last student said the sentence out loud.  The teacher would then show us the sentence that was written on the piece of paper.  We never got the sentence correct.  Some where between being whispered or the student not listening, the sentence had been changed.

Looking back on this simple game, it has taught me a valuable lesson.

Word of mouth can change things depending on if the person is listening.

Listening and hearing are two different things.

Have you ever heard a song and right after not be able to tell someone what the artist said?

I have.  Even in some conversations, it is hard to listen.  I found myself thinking about my response to what the other person said instead of listening to what that person is saying.

One of my action steps from my life coach was to really listen in my conversations for 2 weeks.  I have to say that I learned a lot from that action step.  It taught me to be present in the moment.  To listen to another person, I couldn’t focus on my response.  I had to listen to what the other person was saying and take it in and process it.  Sometimes the response that I would have said wasn’t valid anymore because I listened and heard what the other person was saying.  This is when I learned that hearing and listening are two different things.

When I listened I was taking in the information that the other person was saying and processing it.  When I was just hearing what the other person was saying I was really thinking about what I was going to say next.  It took more concentration on my part to quiet my mind and to stop forming a response before I listened to the other person.

I looked up the definition of hearing and it is to perceive sound.

When I’m at work, I can hear so many things and not listen to them.  I’ve got the call light beeping, the IV pump beeping, the bed alarm beeping, and the phone call.  I have learned to tune some of them out at times because it gets to be too much noise at once at times.  I can only attend to one of those things at a time.  It can get really noisy at a hospital at times.

Listening to understand is different than hearing what someone is saying.

I challenge you in the next 2 weeks, to really listen in the conversations that you have.  Let me know if you notice anything.  Do you notice that it takes a bit more concentration to listen to the other person?  Do you notice how easy it is to be forming a response in your head even while the other person is talking?

I hope that kids in kindergarten are still playing the game, Telephone.  That childhood game taught me a valuable lesson.

Frozen 2 Lessons

I went to see Frozen 2 last week.

I loved the lessons that I got from it.  If you haven’t seen it and want to see it then don’t keep reading.  I’m not going to talk about the whole movie.

Elsa is queen of Arendelle, but she isn’t truly happy.  She feels like there is something else that she is supposed to be.  Most people would be content with being royalty.  While there are parts of her life that she loves, she keeps hearing a call.  She wants to ignore the call but it keeps her up at night.  Towards the end of the movie, I found out that Elsa had been looking for herself.  The call that she was hearing lead her to find herself.

I love this concept.  I feel the same way right now.  I should be content with being a nurse.  I can help some people and I can travel around the country.  I feel inside that I’m meant to be so much more than a nurse.  Being a nurse isn’t bad.  It’s just not where I’m supposed to stay.  I can’t help as many people as I would like.

Healthcare benefits from the sick people, it doesn’t benefit from healthy people.

I remember when I had a new diabetic patient and I didn’t have the time to educate the patient on diabetes.  I had to call the diabetes educator to come talk to the patient.  I didn’t even have 30 minutes to teach the patient.  I kept getting interrupted by my phone ringing.  I was the charge nurse at the time and it was a very busy day that day.  It bothered me that I didn’t have the time to even teach my patient.  That was about 10 years ago and it has only gotten busier.  Nurses are expected to do more with less.  Less staff, less resources, and less time off.  I just can’t see myself doing bedside nursing for thirty or even twenty years.  I know a lot of nurses that feel that way.

Another lesson that I learned from Frozen 2, was that sometimes the answers to the future lie in the past.  Elsa and Anna had to learn what happened in the past and why the spirits were angry.  They found out that their grandfather had attacked an innocent man.  Their grandfather was scared of the people that used magic.  He devised a plan to give them a present that would end up making the people that used magic rely on him.  Anna had to destroy the dam that would end up destroying their home.  She did it because it was the right thing to do.

I can personally attest to this concept.  I hate to cook.  I have always hated it.  I asked God/Universe to show me why I hated cooking.  I had a past life dream and that explained so much about why I hated to cook.  It also explained why I grind my teeth at night sometimes and why I worry about somethings.  That past life dream helped me to get the answers that I needed and helped me to understand my eating disorder.  I know that the dream helped me to get rid of my eating disorder.

Another lesson that I learned is that sometimes our ancestors aren’t always innocent. I accept that fact.

I love the lessons that I learned from this movie.  I will go see it again.  If you love Disney or Pixar movies like I do, you will love the movie.