Trying to listen to my intuition

Recently I didn’t listen to my intuition and got myself into a situation.

A couple of months ago, I was looking for my next travel nurse assignment.  I remember telling my recruiter that I was done with Georgia and Florida and that I wanted to go somewhere new.  She sent me some Texas jobs.  None of the jobs were in Houston.  I asked her if there were any jobs in Houston.  She called the hospital and she told me that there were no jobs in Houston.  She did say that it was odd because there were usually at least one job in Houston.  So I told her to look in Nevada.  If there had of been a job in Houston, then I would have been there when hurricane Harvey hit.  I just wasn’t meant to be there.

I found a job in Reno, Nevada that looked nice.  My recruiter submitted me and then the waiting began.  She had told me it took the hospital 5 weeks to call the last nurse that was sent there.  A month passed and still no word from the hospital.  I started to get anxious.  My money was getting low.

I told my recruiter to start sending me jobs from Georgia and Florida.  Something in my spirit told me to wait.

During this process, I was talking to another travel agency.  I’ve been a travel nurse for 2 years and this new agency was teaching me a lot of things about the travel nurse business.  In travel nursing, there are job tier levels.

A tier 1 job is a job that the travel agency has a direct phone number to the hiring manager.  When the travel agency sends the nurse’s resume, the agency can call the manager and ask when the manager is planning to call.  My new agency told me that the nurse is more likely to get a tier 1 job because the travel agency can speak to a live person.

A tier 2 job is a job that the travel agency has an email address of the hiring manager.  The travel agency doesn’t have a phone number.  Again, the travel nurse is more likely to get this job than a tier 3 job because the travel nurse agency has a contact source to the hiring manager.

A tier 3 job is a job where the travel nurse agency doesn’t have contact with the hiring manager.  The travel nurse agency just sends the nurse’s resume.  The travel nurse agency doesn’t know when the job will call or when the hiring manager will look at the nurse’s resume.  It could take months before the travel nurse gets a call from the hospital.  To get a tier 3 job, the travel nurse must be willing to wait.

Last month, I wasn’t willing to wait anymore.  My intuition was telling me to wait but my bank account was telling me another story.  I was submitted to the job in the middle of July and by the middle of August, the hospital still hadn’t called.

I had already found a great apartment in Reno.  I had mapped all the hiking trails that I was going to go on.  The apartment was overlooking the river.  I was going to try stand up paddle boarding.  The park nearby had kayak lessons. I was going to visit the Indian reservations.  I was going to go to the Grand Canyon.  I was so excited to be going somewhere new.   California was right next to Nevada and I was going to visit it on my days off.  The job in Reno was a tier 3 job.

I eventually went with a job in my home state of Georgia.  A part of me was excited because I would finally have some money coming in.  There was also another side of me that told me that I should have waited on the job that I really wanted.

One of the reasons that I became a travel nurse was to go to new places and live.  I love to explore different places and getting to know new things about those places.

Just last week the hospital from Reno called.  I was sad because I already had a job.  When my assignment is over, there is no guarantee that the hospital in Reno will have any day positions open.  My intuition was telling me to wait but I needed some money, so I didn’t listen.

Now I’m driving 3 hours to work each week and staying at a hotel on the days that I work.  On my days off, I travel back to my hometown.  Its getting very tiring to do this.

I had to finally let go and tell myself that next time I will listen to my intuition.


The Cumulative Effect

I recently got asked a question that I don’t get asked a lot.  I was talking with another nurse about my weight loss.

She asked me, “Why did I gain the weight?”.

I told her that I was just making bad food choices.  I was eating fast food a lot.  I didn’t feel the need to tell her about the eating disorder.  That did play a big role in the weight gain.

When I got home, I really thought about her question.  It wasn’t just that I was making bad food choices.  It was the cumulative effect of bad food choices that I was making that led to me gaining weight.  It was the choice to eat doughnuts, lunchables, and fast food every day.  It was the choice not to exercise.  It was the choices that I was consistently making that were leading to my weight gain.

When I decided to work with a life coach and we modified my diet, I started to lose weight.


I was consistently making healthy food choices.

I had to understand that eating healthy for one meal a day wasn’t going to help me to lose weight.

It took me a while to get to that realization.

For the first few months of working with my life coach, I was still eating doughnuts.  I had given up the fast food but I couldn’t seem to let go of the doughnuts.

We did this exercise for a few weeks.  I was just to see how I felt after eating each meal.  I started to notice a pattern.  I noticed that after eating healthy, I had more energy and I felt great.  My mood was more positive.  After eating doughnuts, I felt tired and depressed.    My mood was negative.

I had never before realized how important my nutrition was to my overall health.  To reach my goals I needed to have the energy so that I could go after my dreams and goals. 

That realization led me to eventually give up eating doughnuts every day.

Now I don’t always make the best food choices.  Sometimes I do eat a piece of cake or a muffin.  I just don’t do it every day or for every meal like I used to do.

Understanding the impact of my food decisions, helps me to make better food choices on a day to day basis.  If I gain 5 pounds, then I know that I am not making good food choices consistently or I’m not exercising enough.

To maintain my weight, I have to consistently make good food choices and exercise.

Every decision that I make is shaping my whole life.

Taking care of myself by eating right and exercising my body,mentally and physically, is helping me to have the energy to sustain the life that I am living right now.