I recently heard my life coach say that she rarely feels courageous when doing something courageous.

That resonated with me.

When I think about some of the courageous things that I have done I also didn’t feel courageous while doing them.

I went paragliding last Sunday.

So, I’m standing there staring at the edge of the cliff that I’m about to run towards, I wasn’t feeling so courageous.  Yes, I wanted to fly but I was afraid to run.  After I ran towards the cliff and then started to fly, I felt so amazed at myself for doing it.

After getting up into the air, I was fine.  I was having so much fun.  We were soaring above some hawks too.  Now that I know the process, I will definitely do it again.  If you want to watch the video you can look up fly with Jordan on Facebook or Instagram.

Another situation that happened this week, where I didn’t feel courageous was having to tell my landlord that I would be moving at the end of the month.  I had originally told him that I needed to rent his room until the beginning of May.  The price of the room is too high.  I picked it because it is only 5 minutes from the hospital.  Talking to the other travel nurse and the manager, I found some other places that are cheaper.  If I stayed in this room, I will have to work an extra day to make any money.

When I told my landlord, he said that he could drop the price.  The price was still not cheaper than the other place that I had found.  He told me to think about it and get back to him the next day.  I felt bad because I knew that I was still going to choose the other place even though its 15 minutes from the hospital.

The next day I was so nervous, I wanted to text him my choice.  I decided I needed to tell him in person.  I need to learn how to say no in person more often.  I won’t always be able to text my answer.  This move to the other place makes sense for me.  I won’t have to work any over time at this place and I can still make some money.  My landlord is nice and so is his family.  I feel bad for leaving but I need to do what is right for me. That is one of the reasons that I only book for a month at a time.  Just in case I don’t like the place I can find another place.

After I told him in person, I felt lighter.  I felt good about what happened.  I know he wanted me to choose his place but that would have put me in a situation where I would have to work extra every week.  I don’t like to work extra unless I have to.  I’m proud of myself for not taking the easy way out and texting my answer.

Think about some of the courageous things that you have done in your life.  Did you feel courageous while you were doing those things?