The Excited Nervous Feeling

So tomorrow I’ll be moving to Florida.  I have that excited nervous feeling right now.  I get that feeling every time I do something out of my comfort zone.  Which in the past 10 months has been a lot.  I spoke at my first ever open poetry night.  I started a blog.  I started doing yoga.  I started to meditate.  I started hiking.  I became a travel nurse.  I had my first past life regression.  For the first time in my life, I won’t have any family or friends nearby.  I have to admit, I had some muffins yesterday.  I needed that comfort because I realized that I was really going to Florida by myself.  I had thought that my parents were going to be able to come and help me unpack or drive.  They won’t be able to help me.  So I’m on my own.  My first travel nursing job was so great!  The people were so nice and helpful.  It was the perfect first travel job.  I’ve already planned some of the new things that I want to do in Florida.  I want to para sail and zip line.  Hopefully meet the love of my life.  I want to go whale watching.  I just want to enjoy my life.  As a travel nurse my days off feel like a vacation.  I get to explore new areas and meet new people.  I’m out of my comfort zone and I’ve never felt so alive!!

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