No Dieting Here!!!

Ever since I moved to Florida, when I eat my boss power meal some one asks me if I’m on a diet.  They ask me why am I eating raw carrots.  I tell them no, I’m just eating healthy.  They ask me how much weight I’ve lost.  I tell them and then they start to tell me about their mother or sister or cousin who is on a diet and how much weight they’ve lost.  DIETS DON’T WORK!!!  I’ve tried about 6 diets over the past 12 years.  I’ve only been able to keep up with them for at most 6 months.  One diet sent me to the ER and one diet gave me diarrhea.  DIETS ARE NOT PERSONALIZED!!  To make a lifestyle change, you have to find what works for you personally.  What works for your favorite celebrity may not work for you.  How long can you really keep up a cayenne pepper diet?  Since I don’t like to cook, I had to find things that didn’t require me to be in the kitchen cooking.  Most of the things I eat are raw foods.  Some times you need help to find what works for you.  Most women are used to being on a diet I realized.  I know at least 4 women in my life that are on a diet right now.  Every now and then I do indulge but I don’t do it every day.  For me it’s about balance.  I found the foods I love and so I have no problem eating them.  When I was on my diets, I wasn’t eating foods I love.  I was eating those foods because they helped me lose weight quickly.  As soon I got to the weight that I wanted to be at, I would stop eating those foods.  I would start to eat the foods that I loved which were sweets.  I would go back to my comfort foods.  Now I don’t need those comfort foods anymore because I get my comfort from traveling, going on adventures, and sharing my story.  I’m taking care of my spirit now, which is what I really needed all along.  SO I WILL NOT DIET AGAIN!!

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