Brown Spots!!

super_nurse[1]About 2 years ago, I decided to get laser hair removal.  I bought it as a birthday gift to myself.  I always get myself a birthday gift.  I was so excited.  I decided to get it done to my arms and legs.  A week after my birthday, I went in for my first treatment.  They said it would hurt and it did.  It felt like a rubber band was being snapped across my skin.  To get through it, I started to concentrate on my breathing and started singing to myself in my head.  I couldn’t even finish the treatment.  It hurt so much.  I finished my arms and did half of my legs.  My skin was red but I expected that.  The nurse told me the redness would go away.  For 2 days, my skin was red.  I put aloe vera on my arms and legs.  The redness went away.  For 2 more days, my skin was fine.  I went to sleep on the fourth night and woke up with dark brown spots on my arms and legs.  I was in shock.  I looked like a leopard.  I called the hair removal place and made an appointment to get seen.  They couldn’t tell me why it happened.  They said that they had never seen anything like this happen.  They told me to go to a dermatologist.  I was so nervous because I had an outdoor concert with my best friends coming up.  I made an appointment with a dermatologist.  She told me that the spots were caused my sun exposure.  She told me to start wearing sunscreen and to minimize my sun exposure.  I told her about my outdoor concert coming up.  She advised me not to go because the spots could become permanent.  She gave me a cream to use.  I really wanted to go to the concert but I decided not to go.  One of my friends was mad that I had decided not to go.  To be honest, I don’t know if she was mad or disappointed that I wasn’t going.  I didn’t talk to her about it.  I was more mad at myself for getting laser hair removal.  That experience taught me that your looks are temporary.  Literally overnight, your looks could be changed.  I’ve had patients who have gotten into an accident and their lives have been changed forever.  That experience also taught me that you have to do what is best for you.  If I had of gone to that concert, I would not have been comfortable.  The dermatologist said to wear pants and a long sleeve shirt.  The concert was in the middle of summer and outdoors.  I would have been really hot.  She also told me to put on sunscreen every 2 hours while I was outside.  I would have been worried about my skin.  Sometimes you have to say no to protect yourself.  I really did want to share that experience with my best friends.  Thankfully the spots have gone away but the lessons have not.  If I had of known that the spots would go away, maybe I would have gone to the concert but I didn’t know.  I know parts of my future but not all of them.  I’m still getting laser hair removal and the spots haven’t come back.


  1. Champ Ion · June 21, 2016

    Thankfully, I haven’t had an expensive such as this, but I completely understand that looks/vanity are the last thing one should rely on. People tend to think I’m a pretty good looking guy. Those same people also seem appalled when they find out how humble I am. People should all realize that no matter how good you may look, all it takes is a small accident to leave you permanently disfigured/disabled. Need have a good heart and personality that you can promote instead. Great write-up!


    • girlyrenee · June 23, 2016

      Thank you! I love humble people and people with good personalities. Looks can only get a person so far and then they need to have talent or a good personality. I hope that both of our blogs open up people’s minds and affect some changes or at least start conversations.


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