My Amazing Transformative Weekend!!

super_nurse[1]Last weekend was my first vacation in over 9 years!  I had so much fun.  It was so freeing to be around people who think like me.  I was telling people some things that I haven’t even told my family or friends yet.  I was so open.  People were telling me that I was cool and amazing.  It still feels weird when people tell me that I’m special or cool.  I went to a Dr. Brian Weiss workshop at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck,NY.  The institute is set in the mountains and there is a lake.  There were so many activities to do.  I was sitting by the lake in the morning and a groundhog shows up and starts eating about 15 feet away from me.  There were birds flying all around me.  I was awestruck by it all.  A bunny rabbit showed up a little later.  The institute serves a vegetarian diet and I was a little worried at first but the food tasted great.  About 2 weeks ago, I started giving up meat.  I don’t miss it and I feel so great.  I came back from my vacation and I had lost 4 pounds.  After my weekend in New York, I went to a retreat with my life coach in Massachusetts.  Oh my gosh, the Berkshire Mountains are so beautiful.  My life coach is so amazing!!  We did yoga, hiking, meditation, I wrote myself a love letter, and we did so many other activities.  We went hiking in this place called the Ice Glen.  She told me that if fairies were alive then they would live in the Ice Glens and she was right.  I nicknamed it fairytown.  We did this activity were I wrote on some rocks everything that I had been holding onto that I didn’t need anymore.  I wrote down things like worrying, comparison, self doubt, and my eating disorder.  Before we started hiking, I threw the rocks into the river.  It was so powerful and freeing.  I got so many ideas from that weekend.  I thought I had my future pretty much planned out from my dreams and God decided to throw another amazing thing my way!  Stay tuned because it’s so good!!!

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