Showing Up!

super_nurse[1]Showing Up!

I used to be afraid to show up in life.

I was afraid of what people would think or say about me.

So I played it safe.

Ran away from conflict.

Sat on the sidelines and watched life go by.

Telling myself that I would start to live tomorrow.

Tomorrow never comes and never dies.

That’s why it was safe to bet on tomorrow.

The thing is that tomorrow is never promised to anyone.

I was literally killing myself slowly day by day with my choices.

One day I had to say right now.

I decided right now would be the moment that I would stop killing myself.

I was going to show up and start to live my life.

No one could live my life for me.

No one could change me but me.

No one could lose weight for me.

I was no longer going to listen to my fears.

I was going to listen to God and show up in life.

I did not want to just exist anymore.

I was going to live instead.

Things started to change when I started to show up.

My dreams became my reality.

Shavawn Boyer

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