No More Playing It Safe!

super_nurse[1]For most of my life, I have been playing it safe.  Not letting people know my opinions because I didn’t want to argue or have a heated discussion.  Not going after my dreams because that would require me to change and get out of my comfort zone.  I was comfortable in my comfort zone.  I knew what to expect out of my life when I was in the comfort zone.  I wasn’t comfortable with change.  I got into my routine and I was stuck there.  In this past year and a half, I realized that I can’t play it safe anymore.  To get my dreams to become reality, I had to step out my comfort zone.  Being a wallflower didn’t serve me anymore.  It wasn’t giving me any comfort anymore.  My life coach told me one time that there are people out there waiting on me to become the woman that I was meant to be.  She told me that I could help them with my journey and by telling all the good and the bad.  I haven’t seen one person who has made their dreams come true by staying in their comfort zones.  By becoming the woman that I was always meant to be, I’m inspiring other people.  One travel nurse recently asked me what new adventures I was planning.  That made me feel good that people noticed that I was going on different adventures.  One woman named Denise said that if the floor had 5 more nurses like me then the floor would be doing great.  She said that I always had a smile on my face no matter what was going on and that I helped out a lot.  My life coach helped me to realize that they were complimenting me on who I was as a person and not just me being a nurse.  I have become a better nurse now that I am taking care of myself.  I can tell people about my struggles and tell them that they can overcome it because I did it.  Becoming a travel nurse required me to become comfortable with change.  Every 13 weeks, I can stay at the hospital that I’m working for or I can go to another location.  After the Florida job ended, I wanted to go to Hawaii.  My recruiter told me that if I got a job in Hawaii my hours couldn’t be guaranteed.  So I might not work for a whole week depended on the needs of the hospital.  I still felt like I should go.  I didn’t tell the recruiter to apply to jobs in Hawaii.  So I started to apply to hospitals in Florida.  Florida felt safe to me.  I really didn’t want to go back there.  If I was going to go back to Florida then I would go back to University Hospital because I like the staff there.  I got 2 calls from hospitals in Florida but I declined them.  I knew what I wanted and I wasn’t interested in playing it safe and staying in Florida.  I prayed about it.  I told my recruiter to submit me for the jobs in Hawaii.  By the grace of God, all three jobs in Hawaii called me.  I was able to pick the best one for me and now I’m going to Hawaii!!  If I had of played it safe then I would be going back to Florida instead of where I really wanted to go.  So I’ve learned not to play it safe when going after what I want.  Nothing good ever happened from staying in your comfort zone.

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