Learning to Say No to Get What I Want

super_nurse[1]I had to learn how to say no to get what I want.  When I first made the decision to go to Hawaii, my recruiter was really playing devils advocate.  She told me that almost no hospital in Hawaii would guarantee hours.  She also told me that the last nurse she sent to Hawaii didn’t have a problem with getting hours.  So I told her to put in my application for some jobs there and also in Florida.  There were three hospitals in Hawaii and multiple hospitals in Florida.  I really wanted to go to Hawaii.  I had already had a 3 month job in Florida, I was ready for Hawaii.  No hospital in Hawaii called for 3 weeks.  I got two calls from some hospitals in Florida.  I turned them down because that is not where I wanted to be.  By this time I had been off for a month and I started to get worried.  As a travel nurse, if you’re not on assignment then I don’t have a paycheck coming in.  By the end of July, I had a talk with God and then the jobs from Hawaii started to call.  All three hospitals that I applied to called me.  I suddenly went from no jobs from Hawaii to three jobs.  I was able to pick the assignment that fit me.  One hospital was offering a day and night position.  One week I would work day shift and the next week I would work night shift.  I don’t like working night shift.  I turned that position down.  The second hospital had only night shift available.  I turned that one down too.  The third hospital had a day shift available.  The manager did ask me if I could work a night shift for a couple of weeks.  I told her no because I don’t want to work night shifts.  She said ok and still hired me for only day shifts.  I didn’t give her an explanation, I just told her I don’t want to work night shifts.  The hospital still doesn’t guarantee my hours but I still haven’t had a problem.  In fact I get overtime which pays very well.  The number one complaint that I hear from the travel nurses here, is that they don’t like to work days and nights.  They would rather either work day or night shifts but not both.  One nurse told me that she has had to resort to taking sleeping pills because she can’t sleep at night.  She is used to working night shifts and the day shifts were throwing off her sleep pattern.  I’m glad I spoke up and said what I wanted.  If I don’t speak up and say what I want then the answer will always be no.  Now I have exactly what I want.  I’m working day shift and I’m in Hawaii.  I don’t have to say yes to every job that wants me.  I say no so that I can say yes to the job that works for me.  I say no in life to things that don’t serve me so that I can say yes to the things that do serve me.  I don’t have to say yes to every opportunity that presents itself to me.  That’s how a person gets spread too thin and they get stressed.  Saying no has made my life so much easier.  I get to pick which opportunities that I’m going to take.  I don’t feel guilty when I say no.  I’m learning that I also don’t have to explain myself when I do say no.  Just say no!  It’s just that simple.

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