The Movie that Changed my Life

super_nurse[1]I recently watched a movie that changed my life.  The movie is called, “The Secret”.

I learned two important lessons from this movie.

The first important lesson is that your thoughts really do create your reality.

You attract into your world what you think about.  When I was depressed and negative, I attracted that into my life.  Now that I love myself, I attract very positive people into my life.  I’ve had two other nurses offer me a place to stay when they barely even knew me.  I had told them about my living situation problems when I had first gotten to Hawaii.

I sometimes use the people around me to check myself.

If I notice a lot of negative people suddenly showing up in my life, I check myself.  I ask myself, “Am I being too negative?”  That stops me from thinking a lot of negative thoughts.  You can also manifest your fears if you think about them too much.

The second lesson I learned was that your actions have to be in harmony with what you are asking.

To me that means that if I think of something I want, I then have to take the necessary actions to get what I want.

If I don’t put myself in a position to receive what I want, then what I ask for will just stay a want.

For example, I want to learn how to swim.  I am a still a little scared of putting my head under the water.  I’ve paid for swimming lessons, but if I don’t show up to swimming lessons then I will not learn how to swim.

After watching the movie, I was able to make a very important decision.  Recently, I had to find another place to stay.  I thought that my contract ended at the end of January.  My landlord had already rented the apartment for February.  I loved the apartment because it has a great ocean view.  I could go back to the hotel that also had a great view but then I wouldn’t be making any money.  I would be working just to pay my rent.  After the movie, I decided to rent a cheap room for the last month.  It doesn’t have an ocean view but I had an ocean view for 5 months, I’m grateful for that.  Now I’m not worried about not being able to do anything in my last month of being in Hawaii.  I can still make some money and still go on adventures when I want to.  I was losing sleep over having to make this decision.  After the movie, I haven’t lost any sleep over the decision.

The Secret has become one of my favorite movies.

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