I’ve never liked changes.  I like routines.  Routines make me feel comfortable because I know what to expect from routines.

The life of a travel nurse is all about change.

So how do I handle change or a transition?  I ask for help.  Thank God I have a life coach.  Together we make a plan for the new changes.  Sometimes even with the plan, I still feel overwhelmed.

For example, when I first moved to Florida for my travel nurse job yesterday, I still felt overwhelmed.  I had just drove over 8 hours.  I was tired and hungry.  I still had to unload the car and get some groceries.  That was a part of the plan that me and my life coach had planned.  I still had to call my life coach and talk over the plan with her.  We changed some things and I felt better after that.  I didn’t finish the whole plan that was set up because I feel asleep but that’s ok.  I did the things that felt right for me to do at the time.

I’m going through some transitions both personally and professionally right now.  It is very easy for me to feel overwhelmed at times.

I’ve learned that I have to do things that make me feel relaxed and take time to really take care of myself.  I have to meditate, do yoga, read a book, or just watch my favorite DVDs.  Doing these things helps me not to feel too overwhelmed.

One of these transitions that is taking place is one that I have been looking forward to for about 8 years now.  I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not scared.  This transition is going to lead to a new phase in my life.  I’m going to try not to tell the people that doubted me, I told you so.  I’m also learning that I don’t need their approval to know that my dreams are real.  I used to want people to say that they believed in my dreams when I shared my dreams with them.

Some transitions are sad.  For example, I used to have three best friends.  Now I only have two. I’m grateful for my two best friends.  I’m realizing now that I can still survive without that person.  I still have love for her but I can still be happy without her in my life.  That was a very hard transition at the time.  It has become easier over time.  If some one had asked me two year ago if that person would still be in my life in ten years, I would have said yes.  I wish nothing but happiness for her.  It was always supposed to happen the way that it happened.

I don’t think its a coincidence that my life coach is doing a video series on transitions.  I admire her so much.  She recently with through a major transition and she was still able to help me with my stuff.

Transitions happen in every bodies life.

Sometimes just listening to uplifting music helps me to not feel overwhelmed.  Following is a song that helps me.  I just watched the movie, “Sing”.




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