The Cumulative Effect

I recently got asked a question that I don’t get asked a lot.  I was talking with another nurse about my weight loss.

She asked me, “Why did I gain the weight?”.

I told her that I was just making bad food choices.  I was eating fast food a lot.  I didn’t feel the need to tell her about the eating disorder.  That did play a big role in the weight gain.

When I got home, I really thought about her question.  It wasn’t just that I was making bad food choices.  It was the cumulative effect of bad food choices that I was making that led to me gaining weight.  It was the choice to eat doughnuts, lunchables, and fast food every day.  It was the choice not to exercise.  It was the choices that I was consistently making that were leading to my weight gain.

When I decided to work with a life coach and we modified my diet, I started to lose weight.


I was consistently making healthy food choices.

I had to understand that eating healthy for one meal a day wasn’t going to help me to lose weight.

It took me a while to get to that realization.

For the first few months of working with my life coach, I was still eating doughnuts.  I had given up the fast food but I couldn’t seem to let go of the doughnuts.

We did this exercise for a few weeks.  I was just to see how I felt after eating each meal.  I started to notice a pattern.  I noticed that after eating healthy, I had more energy and I felt great.  My mood was more positive.  After eating doughnuts, I felt tired and depressed.    My mood was negative.

I had never before realized how important my nutrition was to my overall health.  To reach my goals I needed to have the energy so that I could go after my dreams and goals. 

That realization led me to eventually give up eating doughnuts every day.

Now I don’t always make the best food choices.  Sometimes I do eat a piece of cake or a muffin.  I just don’t do it every day or for every meal like I used to do.

Understanding the impact of my food decisions, helps me to make better food choices on a day to day basis.  If I gain 5 pounds, then I know that I am not making good food choices consistently or I’m not exercising enough.

To maintain my weight, I have to consistently make good food choices and exercise.

Every decision that I make is shaping my whole life.

Taking care of myself by eating right and exercising my body,mentally and physically, is helping me to have the energy to sustain the life that I am living right now.

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