Hair Loss

I recently found a huge bald spot on my scalp.  I have no idea when it started but I know it couldn’t have happened overnight.  I was shocked when my hair dresser found it.

What did I do?

I did something that I have told my patients not to do.  I googled my symptoms and scared myself.  Also I joined some Facebook support groups for hair loss.  I let my fear take over.  I did all of this before I even left the hairdresser that day.

The reason I tell my patients not to google their symptoms is because it will have them scared and nervous.  You don’t even have all the information yet.  Go to the doctor first and then you can get to the bottom of the symptoms.  It might turn out that you don’t have the disease that you thought you had from googling your symptoms.

I have a doctor’s appointment soon and I will hopefully get all the information then and be able to find out what is going on.

To get myself back to being myself, I had to do some things.  I called my life coach and had a talk.  I had to get myself out of the Facebook groups.  Those groups were only making me more scared and nervous.  I had to change my thoughts on the situation.

How did I change my thoughts?

Every time that I had a negative thought, I counter acted it with a positive thought.  When I would think that I was going bald, I would then think that I’m grateful that I can cover it up right now.   I even had a talk with my hair follicles and sent them some positive energy.  My gut is telling me that it may be an allergic reaction or my diet.  I don’t know what it is right now.  I won’t know until I get more information, so right now I’m trying not to let it take over my life.

One of the reasons that I had to leave the Facebook support groups is because they were making me feel scared and depressed.  I was allowing those posts to scare me.  There were only a few positive posts on there and some of the comments on those posts were so mean.  Now that I’m out of those groups I can go on Facebook and not be scared or nervous.

One of the reasons that I’m sharing this is to share my story.  I already know that it has helped one person.  Its helped me.  When I first found out about the bald spot, I was ashamed, scared, and nervous.  Now I know that I’m going through this for a reason.  I don’t know the reason but I do know that God/Universe always helps me.  I am guided.  This situation will only make me a stronger person.

I’ve also learned that I can be going through some things and still be happy and joyful.  My emotions don’t have to be tied to what I’m going through in my life.

Now when I’m feeling sad about my situation, I just step up my self care.  For example, I went whale watching yesterday.  I saw a humpback whale and some dolphins.  I even saw some baby dolphins.  When I got home I looked up the meaning of dolphins.  “Most of us as adults take our responsibilities very seriously and end up focusing on our work and families.  Therefore, dolphin meaning is letting you know that you have to take time out and play.  After all, laughter, joy, movement, and engaging your mind on fun is the best way to relieve stress and regroup.” – Spirit Animal Totem.

That is the exact message that I needed right now.  Going whale watching makes me feel very happy.  The crew of the boat like me and they even started giving me a discount because I come so much.  I even won the photo contest and won 2 free VIP tickets.  Nature is a part of my tribe and it helps me with my stress levels.  Going whale watching every week is just a part of my self care.

I’m learning a great lesson.  I am happy and joyful and still going through a not so pleasant thing right now.  I’m allowing myself to feel both of those things at once.  I won’t be ashamed of my body or my hair.  I am beautiful, I have a beautiful smile, and I have a beautiful spirit.  I have a purpose and I love myself.

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