Self Confidence

I found a quote on the Law of Attraction’s Instagram that I found interesting.  I don’t know the author.

“The best way to gain self confidence is to do what you are afraid to do.”

That quote rang true for me.

Since I’ve been on this journey of getting to know myself, I’ve been doing things that have scared me.  That really has raised my self confidence in myself.

I have a fear of public speaking.  To help myself get over it, I booked an open mic night at a club and read one of my poems.  I was so nervous before going on stage.  Afterwards I felt relief and confidence.  I did it even though I was scared.  That experience helped me to know that I can do something scary and get through it.

Being a travel nurse is scary to some people.  Going to a new place with no family or friends every 3 months can be scary.  I found it to be liberating.

I’m going to the hairdresser tomorrow.  I’m nervous because other people might see my bald spot in person.  For me, its easier to share a picture of my bald spot online because I don’t see the people that read my blog.  To me its different in person.  My hairdresser is the person that found my spot.  She hasn’t seen it since November 2018.  Its gotten much bigger since then.  I can hide it from the other people in her shop until she puts the rollers in my hair.  I talked to my life coach about it.  She told me that even if people stare, they will be staring at a woman that loves herself.  They will be staring at a courageous woman.

I’m also nervous to color my hair.  I stopped coloring when I was diagnosed with alopecia.  I had heard that its not good for women with alopecia to color their hair.  My doctor said that it wouldn’t hurt since alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder.  In the alopecia group that I’m apart of, some people say it won’t hurt and some people said that it will hurt.  I’ve been coloring my hair for about 10 years and I love my color.  I know that if I stopped coloring my hair then I would live the rest of my life wondering if I could still color my hair.  The only way to know is to do it.  The Universe/God always takes care of me.

In my experience, there is always going to be something that makes you nervous.  If I let that feeling stop me then I would have missed out on so many wonderful experiences that I’ve had.  I would have missed out on becoming a travel nurse, skydiving, speaking at an open mic night, becoming the Alopecia Empress, becoming a nurse, creating a blog, sharing my story, being single, getting to know and love myself, traveling by myself, and doing a photo shoot.  Those are just some of the things that I was nervous about.  In doing all of those things, it has built my self esteem and self confidence.  I not only did those things but I also had fun doing them.

You might surprise yourself when you do something that scares you.


  1. Arushrea · September 30, 2020

    This inspired me a lot. Thankyou Alopecia Empress 🙂


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