About 2 months ago, I went paragliding.

While up in the air, he said that when he saw hawks that would let him know where the good wind was.  He said they use the wind to fly.

The next day, I opened the blinds and saw a hawk flying.  I stood there until I couldn’t see it anymore.  I observed that it indeed didn’t flap it wings.  It soared with the wind.  I didn’t see it flap its wings for a good 5 minutes.  I was mesmerized.

I learned something in that moment while looking at the hawk fly.

When I allow God/Universe to help me I can soar without having to expend my energy by trying to “flap my wings.”

I try to do some things by myself but when I ask for help from God/Universe, I get help and I don’t have to try so hard.  I have been trying to fly but not use the wind.  The hawk can fly without continuously flapping its wings because it knows to use the wind.  It trusts the wind to help it fly.

For example, I was trying to write a copy for my new website.  I was going to use the old template from my other website.  I was having trouble coming up with the words for the copy.  I asked God/Universe to help me.  A few days later, I just sat down and did the copy in a day and a half.  The words just flowed.  I had been trying for some days to write the copy.

I’m comfortable asking God/Universe to help me write things like this blog and my new website.  I don’t know why I’m not comfortable asking God/Universe for help with the big things in life.  I just sort of try to do those things on my own.  I know God/Universe always takes care of me.  I also know that I’m guided.  Following the signs always leads me to where I need to be.  It never fails.  I guess I’m not comfortable because sometimes the signs don’t come when I want them to come.  Sometimes it takes a while and that sometimes makes me nervous.

I’ve learned that in order to soar high, I have to use the help of God/Universe to get to where I need to be.  That means use God/Universe in every aspect of my life.  I know that that will only help me to soar higher than I could go on my own.

Magic happens when I allow God/Universe to help.  So I’m going to use that.

What can you use help with in your life?

Maybe you can ask for help from your higher power.  You might find that your higher power can help you soar.



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