I was recently having a talk with my life coach.

I was explaining to her that I was nervous and proud of my parents.  My parents had attended a march for civil rights.  I was proud that they went but there was another part of me that was scared for them.  We are still in a global pandemic and my mother has respiratory issues.  I was nervous that she would catch the corona virus.  If she had told me before she attended the march, I may have tried to talk her out of going.

My life coach told me that my trauma working as a nurse was leaking into my relationships.

I thought about that.  As a nurse, I do experience trauma on the job.  There are a lot of emotional trauma and even some physical trauma.  I had seen some nurses physically hurt by patients and family members.  It is emotionally hard to see another nurse get hurt at work and then you still have to finish your shift.  It is emotionally hard on nurses to see patients die with no family or friends around them right now.  Nurses can talk about it with other nurses but most of the time we can’t share it with anyone else except for a therapist.  Most hospitals have a counselor but most nurses don’t use them.  I know that I’ve never used the counselor at work.

I’ve been a nurse for 15 years and I have seen some things.  I bet most nurses could say that as well.

Nurses have to wear a lot of different hats.  We have to be not only a nurse but a therapist, wound care nurse, patient advocate, and those are just a few of the hats we have to wear at work.  We can’t share most of the things that we go through because of the laws.  That is why it’s so hard to tell someone who isn’t in the medical field exactly what you do.

I also realized that it makes my life easier to live when my parents are in good health.  My life would change drastically if they got sick, especially if they were sick with the corona virus.  There is no cure or vaccine right now for the corona virus, I would just have to watch them suffer if they got sick.  I don’t know if they would be the lucky ones to have no symptoms with the virus.  That is why I was so nervous when they went to that march.  I do understand that we are also in another pandemic with racism.  I just don’t want anything bad to happen to my parents.  I just have to believe that as the Universe always takes care of me, then the Universe will also always take care of my parents.

I would say that most nurses have some emotional trauma from work.  It would do us all good if we got a therapist to talk about what we go through.  It may not be enough just talking with the other nurses.  That is one of the reasons that I trained to be a life coach to help nurses.

My Story

I recently had another nurse ask me a question at work.  She asked me if she could ask me a question because I seemed comfortable being by myself.

She then told me that she felt like she wanted to be by herself to get to know herself but she was in a relationship.  She said she had never been alone.

I told her my story.

I told her that I used to define myself by the romantic relationships that I was in.  I hadn’t been by myself since high school until I took the time to be alone and get to know myself.  That was a process that took some time.

The last relationship that I was in was to a good man.  We didn’t really have a lot of issues.  I knew that I had to break up with him when he started to talk about marriage.  I wanted to get married but I knew that I wasn’t really ready at that time.  I didn’t know myself and I was still dealing with my eating disorder.

I knew that I needed to be alone so that I could get to know myself but I was afraid to be alone.

Who was I without being in a romantic relationship?  Who was I going to be?  Would I like myself when I was alone?  Could I deal with my eating disorder?

These questions kept haunting me.

The other scary part was that I wouldn’t know the answer to those questions until I took the leap and took the time to be by myself.  

So ten years ago, I took the leap and decided that I was going to take as much time as I needed to get to know myself and get help with my eating disorder.  That was the best decision that I made.

At first, I didn’t like being by myself.  I realized that I liked being in relationships because it helped me to ignore my problems.  I was ok in my eyes when I was in a relationship.

I told the other nurse that I had to confront my problems but that it helped me in the long run.  I was able to get help for my eating disorder.  It also helped me to get really clear about what I needed in a relationship.  In my past relationships, I didn’t really know what I was looking for and needed.  Now that I know myself, it has helped me to know what I need in a romantic relationship.

To get comfortable in being by myself, I also had to learn how to go in public and do things by myself.  I started off with just going to the movies by myself.  I would only go during the week and when the movie had been in the theaters for a long time.  I also would only go when the theater first opened in the morning.  That way I knew that there would not be too many people in the theater.  Doing that small action helped me to get comfortable doing things by myself.  I knew that I eventually wanted to be a travel nurse and I wouldn’t have a partner to go with me.

After telling her my story, she thanked me and said that that was exactly what she needed to hear.  I was proud that my story could help her.  I don’t know what she decided but that is irrelevant.  I like to think that my story helped her to make a decision that was best for her.

That is one of the reasons that I started this blog.  To share my story and maybe help someone with it.

Just remember that your story can help another person.  So when someone asks, don’t be afraid to tell.  She came to me because she saw and heard that I had done things by myself.

Self Source Scale

I have recently gained a little weight and I was mentally beating myself up for it.  I was weighing myself at least 3 times a week.

I had a talk with my life coach, Karlee, and I explained what I was doing.

I told her all the reasons that I was gaining weight.  I’m not moving my body as much.  At work, I usually get between 5 and 6 miles a day.  I’m now getting between 3 and 4 miles a day.  We are trying to save PPE, so we aren’t going into the rooms as much now.  The cafeteria is bringing up food for us since we can no longer go to the cafeteria.  We are getting a lot of food donations from restaurants.  There is one charge nurse who makes sure that us vegetarians and vegans have something to eat.  She will go as far as writing our names and saving us some food.  I felt like since she was taking care and looking out for me then I had to eat the food, even if I had brought my lunch.

My life coach said something so profound and simple, I had wondered why I had not thought of it.

I don’t have to eat the food that is brought just because I want them to know that I appreciate it.  I can use my words.  I can verbally tell that charge nurse thank you or I could write a note to her.  I really do appreciate what she does.  I had forgot my lunch one day and she wasn’t there and I only had a salad waiting for me.  The salad had some meat in it, so I had to pick out the meat.  I can also give the food to someone else.  I don’t have to eat it.  I was afraid that she would stop looking out for me or that she would be disappointed in me, if I didn’t eat the food.

I will not disappoint myself to avoid disappointing other people.  

My life coach also asked me why I was weighing myself.  I answered that I wanted to know where my weight was.  I equated my weight with how much I was showing myself love and taking care of myself.  I have been exercising after work because I know that I’m not getting as many steps as I’m use to at work.  I did tell her that I do feel stronger since I started to exercise after work.  My intention was good but it wasn’t making me feel any better about myself.

Again she said something so profound and simple.

A scale can only tell you a number.  It can’t encompass all that I am.  That scale can’t tell you that you have been taking care of yourself mentally or spiritually.  The scale can’t tell me that I need to call someone and talk.  The scale can’t tell me that I went whale watching.  The scale can’t tell me that I have been kind to myself.  That scale can’t tell me that I’m a good nurse.

My body is stressed like it has never been stressed before.  I have never dealt with the corona virus before.  I go to work and I’m stressed because I don’t know if we will have enough PPE for the day.  I worry about getting exposed.  She said that when you body is stressed, it craves food that you wouldn’t normally crave.  When my body is stressed, I crave cake more.  I have been fighting it and then when I do indulge, I over do it because I have been fighting the craving for so long.

That was the reason that I had been stepping on the scale more than usual.  I know that I had gained weight.  I was mentally beating myself up for not being strong like I usually am.  Usually I can say no to the sweets that are brought in to work.  Lately I haven’t been.

We came up with another idea.  The Self Sourced Scale.  The Self Source Scale is a series of questions that will help me to know if I’m taking care of myself.

Here is the Self Source Scale:

  1.  Do I feel physically strong?
  2.  Do I have enough energy to do the things that I want to do?
  3.  Am I getting enough sleep and am I sleeping well?
  4.  Have I meditated today?
  5.  Am I doing something that feels good today? (Like listening to music)
  6.  Am I calm and peaceful?
  7.  Am I giving myself grace?

With these questions, I can tell if I’m taking care of myself and not beat myself up mentally.

A scale can only tell me a number, it can’t tell me everything about myself.  As a woman, I think that we equate our weight with our happiness and self worth.  I know I did that when I was battling my eating disorder.  The number on the scale would tell me if I was going to have a good or a bad day.  If the number was where I wanted it to be, I was going to have a good day.  If the number wasn’t where I wanted it to be, then I was going to have a bad day and I was not going to eat a lot that day.

A number on a scale, can’t tell the whole picture of a person.

Now I can stop beating myself up and have compassion with myself.  I have to find a new normal because I’m not in a normal situation with this virus.  What worked for me before this virus, may not work for me right now.  I have to find new ways to take care of myself.  I usually go whale watching at least once a week.  I realized that being around water helps to calm me.  I haven’t been around the ocean in about 2 months.  I have to find other ways to take care of myself.  Maybe I can listen to the sound of the ocean on video or watch old whale watching videos.

I encourage every one to use the Self Source Scale.  I know I will be using it.   Let me know if it helps you.

The Year of the Nurse

Florence Nightingale is the founder of modern nursing.

The year 2020 is being designated as the Year of the Nurse.  What a year it has been so far.

My life coach quoted me something that I would like to share.  I don’t know the author.

A young man dies for a cause and a wise man lives for a cause.

That quote helped me to make my own quote about nursing right now.

A dead nurse takes care of no patients and a quarantined nurse can take care of no patients.

These quotes got me to thinking about my meaning of the Year of the Nurse.

Maybe this is the year that nurses realize that they are human.  By that I mean that their lives matter too.  You don’t have to be a martyr for your patients.  You don’t have to prove to anyone that you are a “good” nurse.

When I started to take care of myself, I realized that I also became a better nurse for my patients.  When I took my lunch breaks and bathroom breaks, I was less hurried and less tired at the end of the shift.  I had a clear head and was able to make better decisions.  I also decided that working a lot of overtime wasn’t helping me to take care of myself.  I needed more days off to recuperate.  Nursing is mentally, physically, and emotionally draining at times.  My days off are for getting myself back into tip top mental, physical, and emotional shape so that I can be the best me that I can be.

During nursing school, I think is when I started to think that is was okay to put my needs behind the patient’s needs.  During nursing school, I remember a teacher telling me to always bring something to eat for lunch that didn’t have to go into the microwave and that you could stand up and eat.  At the time this made so much sense to me.  Looking back now, I would ask why can’t I sit down and eat my lunch.  Going to the hospitals during nursing school, I would see the busy nurses and some of them didn’t take their lunch breaks because they were so busy and stressed out.  My idea of what nursing was was born in nursing school.

I can see how this thinking led to my burn out and stress.  This thinking lead me to not take my lunch breaks or bathroom breaks.  My first hospital job told me when I was hired to put a letter into the manager when I didn’t get to take my lunch break so that I would get paid for not taking my lunch break.  After the second time that I did that, I was called into the office.  The manager then said that I had a time management problem.  She wanted me to start taking my lunch breaks.  It was hard to take my lunch breaks when I had between 6-7 patients.  After getting called into the office, I just stopped putting in the notices to my manger that I didn’t get my lunch breaks.  I worked for free during my lunch breaks.

It is okay for nurses to put themselves first.  Even before your patients.  I know that may shock a lot of nurses but for me that is true.

For example, when I didn’t take my lunch breaks, I would feel physically weak by the end of the shift.  I would have a headache and my eyes would burn.  I didn’t drink enough water.  I felt like a dried sponge.  When I started to take my lunch breaks and drink water, those symptoms went away.  When I get my patient some water, I drink a glass of water too.  That simple act of getting water helped me to see myself as human and worthy of being taken care of.  No one was going to take of me for me.

It’s not selfish to take care of yourself first.

Nurses think that if they put themselves first then they are a bad nurse.  It doesn’t make you a bad nurse.  It doesn’t make you a bad nurse to say no to working overtime.  It doesn’t make you a bad nurse to refuse to take a patient assignment that you feel is dangerous for you.  Eight patients for one nurse is too many patients.  It is okay to say no to that.

I know we are going through a pandemic right now but it is still okay to take care of yourself first.  It is not selfish but necessary at this time.  You will be more effective when you are well rested, eating healthy, and exercising.  You won’t be as effective when you are tired, eating unhealthy, and not exercising.

Nurses I implore you to make this the Year of the Nurse.  See yourself as valuable.  See yourself as worthy of the same care that you give to your patients.  It is okay to be compassionate to yourself.  It is okay to be kind to yourself.  It is okay to take the time to love yourself.  It is okay to get the rest that your body needs.  It is okay to take a day off during this rough time.  It is okay to drink water at work.  It is okay to take a lunch break.  It is okay to take a bathroom break.  It is okay to say no to working overtime if you don’t want to.  It is okay not to allow yourself to be burnt out.  It is okay to take care of your mental health.

It is okay to take care of yourself first.


I know every one knows about the coronavirus.  We hear about it on the news almost constantly.

I can’t deny that I’m nervous about the situation especially since I’m a nurse.  I recently opened up to my life coach about it.  She then asked me to think about my personal rules regarding covid-19.

What am I willing to do during this crisis and what am I not willing to do during this crisis?

I thought about this question and a phrase kept coming to me.

A dead nurse takes care of no patients.  A quarantined nurse can take care of no patients.

One of my personal rules for this pandemic is to not put myself in danger.  If I don’t have a mask then I cannot take care of a corona virus patient.  I took an oath to help my patients.  Sometimes to help my patients it would mean saying no to putting myself at risk to catch the virus.  Going into a room with a positive patient without a mask would mean that I could become a way to spread the virus to not only my other patients but to the my co-workers as well.  I took an oath to do no harm.  Spreading the virus around would not be doing no harm.

There is a divide in nursing that I’m seeing right now.  Some nurses are saying to stop complaining about having no PPE and take care of the patients.  This is what nurses signed up for.  Other nurses are saying that we didn’t sign up for this and it is okay to say no to taking care of a patient without proper PPE.

I’m not going to judge any nurse for making a decision that is best for that nurse.

I know that during a pandemic we are going to be doing things differently than normal.  I will just make my own personal rules for my life.

Other people may not like them but I’m not going to put my life in danger to prove to anybody that I’m a good nurse.

I urge every one that reads this to think about your own personal rules for this pandemic.  I don’t want the human race to lose its humanity during this pandemic.  It is still okay to help other people also while keeping yourself safe.

The year of 2020 has been designated as the “Year of the Nurse”.  While I really didn’t know what that meant at first but I now know what it means to me.  Maybe this will be the year that nurses start to see themselves as human beings instead of martyrs.  As a nurse it is okay to take care of yourself.  It is okay to put yourself first.  A healthy nurse can take better care of the patients than a sick or dead nurse.  It is okay for a nurse to practice self care.  It is okay for a nurse to say no and to stop working overtime.  It is okay for a nurse to say no to taking care of a patient without proper PPE.  It is okay for a nurse to make a decision that is best for that nurse even if no one else likes it and even if someone else says that that nurse isn’t a good nurse.  It is okay for a nurse to put themselves in danger if that nurse so chooses to do so.

Every one has a different definition of a good nurse.  I have been told in the past that nurses aren’t supposed to smile and they are supposed to be matter of fact.  Some of my patients have told me that they like the fact that I smile because the hospital is already so dreary and sad.

I’m not going to put my life on the line to prove to anybody that I’m a “good” nurse.

I do think that every nurse needs to ask themselves some questions right now.

What are they willing to do and not willing to do during this pandemic?

The answer to the question might just save some lives.



About 2 months ago, I went paragliding.

While up in the air, he said that when he saw hawks that would let him know where the good wind was.  He said they use the wind to fly.

The next day, I opened the blinds and saw a hawk flying.  I stood there until I couldn’t see it anymore.  I observed that it indeed didn’t flap it wings.  It soared with the wind.  I didn’t see it flap its wings for a good 5 minutes.  I was mesmerized.

I learned something in that moment while looking at the hawk fly.

When I allow God/Universe to help me I can soar without having to expend my energy by trying to “flap my wings.”

I try to do some things by myself but when I ask for help from God/Universe, I get help and I don’t have to try so hard.  I have been trying to fly but not use the wind.  The hawk can fly without continuously flapping its wings because it knows to use the wind.  It trusts the wind to help it fly.

For example, I was trying to write a copy for my new website.  I was going to use the old template from my other website.  I was having trouble coming up with the words for the copy.  I asked God/Universe to help me.  A few days later, I just sat down and did the copy in a day and a half.  The words just flowed.  I had been trying for some days to write the copy.

I’m comfortable asking God/Universe to help me write things like this blog and my new website.  I don’t know why I’m not comfortable asking God/Universe for help with the big things in life.  I just sort of try to do those things on my own.  I know God/Universe always takes care of me.  I also know that I’m guided.  Following the signs always leads me to where I need to be.  It never fails.  I guess I’m not comfortable because sometimes the signs don’t come when I want them to come.  Sometimes it takes a while and that sometimes makes me nervous.

I’ve learned that in order to soar high, I have to use the help of God/Universe to get to where I need to be.  That means use God/Universe in every aspect of my life.  I know that that will only help me to soar higher than I could go on my own.

Magic happens when I allow God/Universe to help.  So I’m going to use that.

What can you use help with in your life?

Maybe you can ask for help from your higher power.  You might find that your higher power can help you soar.




I recently heard my life coach say that she rarely feels courageous when doing something courageous.

That resonated with me.

When I think about some of the courageous things that I have done I also didn’t feel courageous while doing them.

I went paragliding last Sunday.

So, I’m standing there staring at the edge of the cliff that I’m about to run towards, I wasn’t feeling so courageous.  Yes, I wanted to fly but I was afraid to run.  After I ran towards the cliff and then started to fly, I felt so amazed at myself for doing it.

After getting up into the air, I was fine.  I was having so much fun.  We were soaring above some hawks too.  Now that I know the process, I will definitely do it again.  If you want to watch the video you can look up fly with Jordan on Facebook or Instagram.

Another situation that happened this week, where I didn’t feel courageous was having to tell my landlord that I would be moving at the end of the month.  I had originally told him that I needed to rent his room until the beginning of May.  The price of the room is too high.  I picked it because it is only 5 minutes from the hospital.  Talking to the other travel nurse and the manager, I found some other places that are cheaper.  If I stayed in this room, I will have to work an extra day to make any money.

When I told my landlord, he said that he could drop the price.  The price was still not cheaper than the other place that I had found.  He told me to think about it and get back to him the next day.  I felt bad because I knew that I was still going to choose the other place even though its 15 minutes from the hospital.

The next day I was so nervous, I wanted to text him my choice.  I decided I needed to tell him in person.  I need to learn how to say no in person more often.  I won’t always be able to text my answer.  This move to the other place makes sense for me.  I won’t have to work any over time at this place and I can still make some money.  My landlord is nice and so is his family.  I feel bad for leaving but I need to do what is right for me. That is one of the reasons that I only book for a month at a time.  Just in case I don’t like the place I can find another place.

After I told him in person, I felt lighter.  I felt good about what happened.  I know he wanted me to choose his place but that would have put me in a situation where I would have to work extra every week.  I don’t like to work extra unless I have to.  I’m proud of myself for not taking the easy way out and texting my answer.

Think about some of the courageous things that you have done in your life.  Did you feel courageous while you were doing those things?


Self Confidence

I found a quote on the Law of Attraction’s Instagram that I found interesting.  I don’t know the author.

“The best way to gain self confidence is to do what you are afraid to do.”

That quote rang true for me.

Since I’ve been on this journey of getting to know myself, I’ve been doing things that have scared me.  That really has raised my self confidence in myself.

I have a fear of public speaking.  To help myself get over it, I booked an open mic night at a club and read one of my poems.  I was so nervous before going on stage.  Afterwards I felt relief and confidence.  I did it even though I was scared.  That experience helped me to know that I can do something scary and get through it.

Being a travel nurse is scary to some people.  Going to a new place with no family or friends every 3 months can be scary.  I found it to be liberating.

I’m going to the hairdresser tomorrow.  I’m nervous because other people might see my bald spot in person.  For me, its easier to share a picture of my bald spot online because I don’t see the people that read my blog.  To me its different in person.  My hairdresser is the person that found my spot.  She hasn’t seen it since November 2018.  Its gotten much bigger since then.  I can hide it from the other people in her shop until she puts the rollers in my hair.  I talked to my life coach about it.  She told me that even if people stare, they will be staring at a woman that loves herself.  They will be staring at a courageous woman.

I’m also nervous to color my hair.  I stopped coloring when I was diagnosed with alopecia.  I had heard that its not good for women with alopecia to color their hair.  My doctor said that it wouldn’t hurt since alopecia areata is an autoimmune disorder.  In the alopecia group that I’m apart of, some people say it won’t hurt and some people said that it will hurt.  I’ve been coloring my hair for about 10 years and I love my color.  I know that if I stopped coloring my hair then I would live the rest of my life wondering if I could still color my hair.  The only way to know is to do it.  The Universe/God always takes care of me.

In my experience, there is always going to be something that makes you nervous.  If I let that feeling stop me then I would have missed out on so many wonderful experiences that I’ve had.  I would have missed out on becoming a travel nurse, skydiving, speaking at an open mic night, becoming the Alopecia Empress, becoming a nurse, creating a blog, sharing my story, being single, getting to know and love myself, traveling by myself, and doing a photo shoot.  Those are just some of the things that I was nervous about.  In doing all of those things, it has built my self esteem and self confidence.  I not only did those things but I also had fun doing them.

You might surprise yourself when you do something that scares you.


I remember in kindergarten, we used to play a game named Telephone.

The teacher would have the children sit in a circle.  She would write a sentence on a piece of paper.  She would then select a student.  That student would get up and the teacher would show the sentence to that one student.  The student would rejoin the circle and tell the sentence to the student on the right.  The student listening could have the other student repeat the sentence if they didn’t hear it.  We were told to whisper the sentence to the other student.  When the sentence had traveled through all the students, the last student said the sentence out loud.  The teacher would then show us the sentence that was written on the piece of paper.  We never got the sentence correct.  Some where between being whispered or the student not listening, the sentence had been changed.

Looking back on this simple game, it has taught me a valuable lesson.

Word of mouth can change things depending on if the person is listening.

Listening and hearing are two different things.

Have you ever heard a song and right after not be able to tell someone what the artist said?

I have.  Even in some conversations, it is hard to listen.  I found myself thinking about my response to what the other person said instead of listening to what that person is saying.

One of my action steps from my life coach was to really listen in my conversations for 2 weeks.  I have to say that I learned a lot from that action step.  It taught me to be present in the moment.  To listen to another person, I couldn’t focus on my response.  I had to listen to what the other person was saying and take it in and process it.  Sometimes the response that I would have said wasn’t valid anymore because I listened and heard what the other person was saying.  This is when I learned that hearing and listening are two different things.

When I listened I was taking in the information that the other person was saying and processing it.  When I was just hearing what the other person was saying I was really thinking about what I was going to say next.  It took more concentration on my part to quiet my mind and to stop forming a response before I listened to the other person.

I looked up the definition of hearing and it is to perceive sound.

When I’m at work, I can hear so many things and not listen to them.  I’ve got the call light beeping, the IV pump beeping, the bed alarm beeping, and the phone call.  I have learned to tune some of them out at times because it gets to be too much noise at once at times.  I can only attend to one of those things at a time.  It can get really noisy at a hospital at times.

Listening to understand is different than hearing what someone is saying.

I challenge you in the next 2 weeks, to really listen in the conversations that you have.  Let me know if you notice anything.  Do you notice that it takes a bit more concentration to listen to the other person?  Do you notice how easy it is to be forming a response in your head even while the other person is talking?

I hope that kids in kindergarten are still playing the game, Telephone.  That childhood game taught me a valuable lesson.

Frozen 2 Lessons

I went to see Frozen 2 last week.

I loved the lessons that I got from it.  If you haven’t seen it and want to see it then don’t keep reading.  I’m not going to talk about the whole movie.

Elsa is queen of Arendelle, but she isn’t truly happy.  She feels like there is something else that she is supposed to be.  Most people would be content with being royalty.  While there are parts of her life that she loves, she keeps hearing a call.  She wants to ignore the call but it keeps her up at night.  Towards the end of the movie, I found out that Elsa had been looking for herself.  The call that she was hearing lead her to find herself.

I love this concept.  I feel the same way right now.  I should be content with being a nurse.  I can help some people and I can travel around the country.  I feel inside that I’m meant to be so much more than a nurse.  Being a nurse isn’t bad.  It’s just not where I’m supposed to stay.  I can’t help as many people as I would like.

Healthcare benefits from the sick people, it doesn’t benefit from healthy people.

I remember when I had a new diabetic patient and I didn’t have the time to educate the patient on diabetes.  I had to call the diabetes educator to come talk to the patient.  I didn’t even have 30 minutes to teach the patient.  I kept getting interrupted by my phone ringing.  I was the charge nurse at the time and it was a very busy day that day.  It bothered me that I didn’t have the time to even teach my patient.  That was about 10 years ago and it has only gotten busier.  Nurses are expected to do more with less.  Less staff, less resources, and less time off.  I just can’t see myself doing bedside nursing for thirty or even twenty years.  I know a lot of nurses that feel that way.

Another lesson that I learned from Frozen 2, was that sometimes the answers to the future lie in the past.  Elsa and Anna had to learn what happened in the past and why the spirits were angry.  They found out that their grandfather had attacked an innocent man.  Their grandfather was scared of the people that used magic.  He devised a plan to give them a present that would end up making the people that used magic rely on him.  Anna had to destroy the dam that would end up destroying their home.  She did it because it was the right thing to do.

I can personally attest to this concept.  I hate to cook.  I have always hated it.  I asked God/Universe to show me why I hated cooking.  I had a past life dream and that explained so much about why I hated to cook.  It also explained why I grind my teeth at night sometimes and why I worry about somethings.  That past life dream helped me to get the answers that I needed and helped me to understand my eating disorder.  I know that the dream helped me to get rid of my eating disorder.

Another lesson that I learned is that sometimes our ancestors aren’t always innocent. I accept that fact.

I love the lessons that I learned from this movie.  I will go see it again.  If you love Disney or Pixar movies like I do, you will love the movie.