Cravings & Comfort

So this Monday, I was having a very bad craving for doughnuts and some muffins.  So I did something that really surprised me.  I had an 11 am appointment that I was early for.  I got out really early.  While I was driving down the highway, I started to think about why I was craving those foods.  My life coach had said that when you crave soft foods that you’re really craving comfort.  While I was thinking about my feelings, I realized that I missed my family and friends.  The last time I saw my family was 2 days before Christmas.  I saw my friends about a month and a half ago.  On the spur of the moment decision, I decided to go to the park.  I had only been there once before, but I made it there without my GPS.  I didn’t have my journal but I had some paper and I just started to write in my journal sitting on a bench right next to the lake.  I saw some geese, ducks, and a quail.  It felt like I was comforting myself but I wasn’t medicating myself with food.  I was with God and nature.  It was a very healing experience.  I’ve discovered that I love being out in nature.  It makes me feel closer to God.  Being around water also makes me feel very calm.  I was born in July so I’m a cancer, which is a water sign.  God speaks to us in many different ways.  Even seeing those animals has a meaning.  My spirit animal is the killer whale.

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