Eating My Dreams

Eating My Dreams


I used to eat my dreams.

One Krispy Kreme at a time.

The doughnuts never cared what I looked like.

They never cared whether I spoke up or not.

Krispy Kreme couldn’t judge me.

I allowed them to slowly eat away at my dreams.

How could I be a travel nurse and leave them behind?

So I sat there and swallowed my voice.

All the while trapped inside myself.

Screaming inside but no one could hear me but me.

One day I decided to listen to this woman inside of me.

I listened to her dreams and what she wanted to be.

I dreamed of her at night.

Once I listened to her, I couldn’t ignore her anymore.

I had to stop eating my dreams.

I put my boxing gloves on and fought for the woman inside.

No longer was this eating disorder going to stop my dreams.

No longer was I going to allow it to steal my voice.

I put my trust in God and started to tell my story.

The woman inside of me and I are now one.

I’m no longer eating my dreams, I’m living them.

I’m free.


Shavawn Boyer


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