I’m Cooking?

My health coach told me a couple of weeks ago that I was cooking.  I don’t consider what I do to be cooking.  Cooking to me means using the stove and baking.  I haven’t used a stove or baked in over 3 years.  When I moved into my rental townhouse 3 years ago, the stove was broken.  The landlord told me I could fix it and take it out of the rent.  I had no need to fix it.  At that point, I was eating doughnuts, lunchables, and take out food only.  Right now I’m just putting raw food together.  I use the blender to make my smoothies but I don’t consider that cooking.  The salad is just putting raw ingredients together.  My boss power meals are just raw ingredients.  I don’t cook my vegetables.  I eat them raw.  I know how to cook.  My mom taught me when I was little.  My dad would always send me into the kitchen when I was little to learn how to cook.  I was never excited to learn how to cook.  I hated it.  I still hate it.  Right now I don’t spend more than 10 minutes getting my food ready.  I love it.

Shavawn’s Boss Power Meal

Chicken Breast

A handful of baby carrots

Grapes or Cherries or Orange Slices (any fruit that you like)

Harvest Snaps pea crisps

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