My Role Models

super_nurse[1]I have known my role models all my life.  They have influenced me, taught me, and loved me.  My role models have always been my parents.  Through their examples and wisdom, they have shaped who I am.  My mom’s smile lights up a room.  Her inner and outer beauty are so special.  All my life I have heard that I look like my mother and that always makes me smile.  My father has taught me about how to be an independent woman and what a man should do for his family.  When I was scared as a child, my dad would sleep on the floor next to my bed until I fell asleep.  My dad has gotten woken up so many times to kill bugs for me.  My father has gotten out of bed and drove 20 minutes to my house just to kill a spider.  That’s why if a man doesn’t kill spiders, I really can’t marry him.  Yes I can kill spiders by myself but if my dad is there I let him do it.  His lectures on finances have helped me.  They have always believed in me even when I didn’t.  Through there example of love, I know what love should look like.  No man can sell me a dream or tell me they love me without any actions behind their words.  I had an ex who let me leave his house because he wouldn’t kill the spider that was in the living room.  I told him I couldn’t stay in a room unless he got the spider out.  He told me that he didn’t kill spiders and continued to sit on the couch.  I left his house and I knew right then that he didn’t love me.  I already had known that he wasn’t going to be my husband but I thought that he loved me.  When I was little, my dad would leave love notes on the refrigerator for my mom.  I strive to be like my mom everyday.  She is my example of what a good woman is.  I haven’t told them this but they are my role models.  I love and admire them.  I appreciate every thing they have done for me.  Yes, this superhero nurse has role models!!

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