Living the Travel Nurse Life!!

super_nurse[1]I’m currently sitting on my hotel balcony in Hawaii!!  The sun is shining and the mountain looks gorgeous in the distance.  The ocean is beautiful and I love hearing the waves crashing on the rocks.  I love seeing the sailboats and the kayakers going by in the bay.  I still have a problem.  I still don’t have an apartment to stay in yet.  I would love to stay in this hotel but its too expensive.  Talking to my life coach yesterday, she stated that there is a myth that when you start to live your dream life that there won’t be problems and every thing will come easy.  I’m here to tell you that that is just a myth.  I’m in paradise worried about where I’m going to live and I still need to buy a car.  I have 2 options of apartments to choose from.  I just hope I can get the apartment that I want.  My life coach also helped me to realize that I’m in Hawaii and I have 2 apartment options.  While it is a problem, it is a good problem to have.  I haven’t quit yet either.  I have thought about just going back home and getting a job in Florida.  But I did sign a contract and I don’t want to be a quitter just because times are rough right now.  Times like this let you know what you are made of.  It is hard to have fun when your home life is stressful.  The hotel is giving me a really good discount but I don’t want to work just to pay my rent.  I want to be able to have adventures.  There is so much to do in Hawaii.  So I’m going to just go with the flow.  I’m going to stop worrying and let God take the wheel.  I will still be happy if I have to stay in the hotel or if I get an apartment.  The views from the hotel are lovely.  I’m in love with the view and I will probably be sad when I have to leave the hotel.  My parents are coming to Hawaii and I really would like them to see this view in person.  Pictures just can’t capture the beauty of the water sparkling from the sun.  God has always taken care of me and he won’t stop.  I’m living the life that I was dreaming about a year ago.  I take comfort in that.  Anybody who knows me knows that I love a routine and a comfort zone.  I now know that nothing good happens in a comfort zone and I can make a plan but God has the right to throw a wrench into my plans.  I’m leaning into joy and contentment and living the life of my dreams!!  When living the travel nurse life, things don’t always go as planned.  Every three months when my contract is up I can either stay at the hospital or I can go to a new location.  I have to be ok with change with this new life.  I’m learning to be ok with change.  I’ve already met about 5 people from Georgia here.  One nurse is even from Marietta, GA.


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