Sometimes I Need A Reminder

super_nurse[1]Recently I worked 4 day straight.  I haven’t worked 4 days straight as a nurse ever.  Now I know why.  I was mentally and physically exhausted by the end of the 4th day.  I was getting irritated with one of my patients until the patient reminded me of my gift.  The patient was having panic attacks but the patient only wanted me to help him.  The patient stated that every thing was better when I was there.  The patient said that I had a calming spirit.  I have heard that from many of my patients and even from my nursing instructors during nursing school.  When the patient said that, I slowed down and thought about what the patient said.  Was I denying the patient my God given gift?  I had given the patient all the medications that were ordered for him.  I had called the doctor multiple times but nothing the doctor ordered worked.  I had another thought, if my mom had asked a nurse to stay with her when she was having a panic attack would I want her nurse to stay or leave her.  The day before I had pulled my computer into the room and charted while the patient was having a panic attack.  That seemed to calm the patient down.  When I wasn’t able to sit with the patient, the patient pushed the call bell every 5 minutes and asked for me.  So I pulled my computer into the patient’s room and sat down and charted.  Yes I only had 45 minutes left in my shift of the fourth day and I was getting an admission which would be my seventh patient.  I had to take the time.  The patient reminded me of my gift.  I can’t deny sharing my God given gift with God’s children.  God gave me the gift so that I could share it not hide it or only share it when I feel like it.  Sometimes the nurse teaches the patient and sometimes the patient teaches the nurse.  I just needed a reminder to share my gift.

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