How Important Are Looks?

super_nurse[1]How important are looks?  I recently asked myself this question and I had a conversation with my health coach about the looks of my future husband.  I know for a fact if God had not showed me my future husband, I would not have given him a chance.  The type of man that I liked were tall, skinny but muscular, a little tattoos, light skinned pretty men.  That was the type of man I liked and I wasn’t going to date outside of my type.  I probably missed out on a lot of great guys because of that.  I started to think about my future husband and his looks.  He is skinny but muscular and he has tattoos.  He is only 2 inches taller than me but that is ok.  In all the dreams that I’ve had about him, he is treating me great.  We have so many deep conversations in the future that I cannot wait to have.  I share my dreams with him, which I have not been able to do with any of my exes.  He helps me with my dreams.  Why should I care if he isn’t my type?  I really can’t see myself being with another man.  He is starting to become the most beautiful man to me.  Why should or do I care if other woman think he isn’t attractive or only want him for his money?  I used to care if my boyfriend was attractive to other women.  That would tell the other women that I was good enough to get my boyfriend.  Now I don’t care if any woman thinks my future husband is attractive.  Right now I don’t care if anybody thinks that I am attractive.  I love the way I look and that is all the matters.  In my past life with my future husband, he was very tall, muscular, and very attractive.  All the other women wanted him but he only had eyes for me.  One women plotted against me and had me set up to be raped so that my husband would leave me.  She thought that would work.  It didn’t work.  It only brought me and my husband closer.  I put too much meaning into looks.  Looks will fade.  I don’t look the same as I did when I was eighteen.  Looks are the first thing you see about a person but looks won’t keep you in a relationship with a person.  The other person has to have something else.  My future husband has a great personality and mind.  I am overjoyed that God chose me to spend this life with him.  I am patiently waiting on the day that I can finally meet my future husband and start the life that I have been dreaming about.

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