Manifesting my Destiny

super_nurse[1]My thoughts help me to manifest my destiny.  2 years ago, I was depressed.  I wasn’t happy with what I had.  I could only see sadness, unhappiness, and hate in the world.  I was really ungrateful for the things that I did have even though I had more than most.  I saw moments of happiness and sometimes I could feel them but it wasn’t lasting.  I was manifesting the thoughts that I was thinking.  I would sing a horrible song to myself.  I turned the song “I’m Beautiful” by James Blunt into “I’m ugly”.  I would sing that to myself on a daily basis because that is how I felt about myself.  One of the ways my life coach helped me is to change the way I think about myself and learning to be grateful of what I have.  Every day for a month I would get up and right down three things that I was grateful for.  I still do this exercise only I do it in my mind.  Just this Saturday, I had a busy day at work.  As I was walking out of the hospital, I was hit with this sudden overwhelming joy.  The thought that was going through my mind was that I am living in Hawaii.  That is something that I used to only dream about but was too scared to do.  I was scared to not be near my family and friends.  Now that I have changed the way I think, I have more happiness in my life.  I’m attracting more positivity into my life.  I’m seeing more beauty in the world.  I’m more out going and doing new things that I have come to love and lift my spirit.  I still have negative thoughts at times but I don’t entertain them like I used to.  I’m manifesting a more positive life.  I’m attracting what I am now and that is positivity.  The first thing that really helped me to change the way I think was changing the way I eat.  When I ate doughnuts and fast food every day, I was sad and depressed.  When I changed to eating more raw fruits and vegetables, my thinking started to change.  I started to feel good about myself.  Now when I eat a muffin or a brownie, the next day I feel sad and not myself.  The thing that I get complimented on most at work is my ability to keep smiling even when the work is hard and that I help out a lot.  The last hospital that I worked at really showed me the power of positive thinking.  I didn’t want to be floated to another floor because I like the people that I worked with.  I decided to look at being floated as a new experience.  I didn’t have any problems when I floated to another floor.  The people were nice to me and even asked if I would come back to the floor sometimes.  I turned the situation around with my thinking.  Positive thinking works.  I know that I would not be where I’m at right now if I had not changed my thoughts and then took action.  I am a beautiful person inside and out.

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