Segregation Has Never Been the Answer


One of my favorite movies is Happy Feet Two, in part because the message that I get from this movie is that segregation has never been the answer.

Helping other people and caring about them is the answer.

Here’s what went down (Movie Spoiler Alert!): Happy Feet Two is about penguins who get stuck behind a glacier.  There is no way out.  Mumble has went to go find his son and that is the only reason that he, his son, and two of his son’s friends are not trapped by the glacier.  While coming back home, Mumble and the three kids try to pass an elephant seal.  The elephant seal doesn’t want to let them pass because in the elephant seal culture, an elephant seal doesn’t go backwards.  A fight ensues and the elephant seal ends up getting trapped.  Mumble goes to help the elephant seal.  The elephant seal has two kids that he was trying to teach.  If Mumble had not helped the elephant seal then the elephant seal would have starved to death and two kids would have lost a father.  Mumble didn’t have to help the elephant seal but he does because he wants to and by doing that he made a friend.  At the end of the movie, the different species come together to help the penguins escape the glacier.  A tiny krill ends up being the one to break the ice and saves the penguins.  If the krill had just stayed and accepted his fate (usually krill are just food for bigger animals) then the krill would not have saved the penguins and learned to dance.  Because the animals worked together, and the krill dared to go on a journey, he was able to help out the penguins without him knowing it.

Sometimes you have to go on a journey to find yourself. 

If the species in the movie had of just stayed to themselves then a whole other species would have become extinct.  I see so many parallels between this movie and real life.

We have used segregation in the past and it has never worked.  I propose that we do the opposite.

Only love can stamp out hate.

Whether we know it or not, when one human being is hurt then it affects us all.  For example when a patient gets readmitted to the hospital with the same diagnosis within 30 days of leaving the hospital, then the hospital doesn’t get paid for that readmission.  Even if the patient didn’t do what we set up for the patient to do.  When the patient doesn’t go to the follow up appointments or take the medication prescribed, that in turn affects the hospital. Which in turn affects everyone at the hospital.

A big reason that I love to be a nurse is that I get to talk to a lot of different people about a lot of different subjects.  I get to learn about different cultures and other people’s views.  I may not agree with what they are saying but I can still respect them as a person.

I can disagree with a person and still take care of them.

I wouldn’t want to go to a hospital where I could only take care of people that looked or thought like me.

I like to be around people that have different views than me.  I can learn so much. 

I challenge you to go talk to someone that is different than you.  Actually, do one better, and really listen to them. 

Maybe you will start to realize that you have more in common with them than you thought.  Maybe that person loves the same food or music as you.  Maybe that person is struggling with the same issues as you.  Maybe that person has the same sense of humor as you.  As Gandhi says, “Be the change that you wish to see.”  I don’t want to live in a world where I can only interact with people of my own race.

I in no way own these songs.  I added them because it helps to get my point across.

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