Mistakes or Blessings?

super_nurse[1]Well my assignment is over in Hawaii.

I have to say that I’ve had a lot of fun and learned a lot of things this assignment.

I’ve learned a lot about “mistakes” and blessings.

A mistake is defined as a misconception or lapse in judgment related to insufficient knowledge.

When I first got here, I thought that my assignment ended at the end of January.  I found an apartment that had a beautiful ocean view.  The landlord wanted to come back to Hawaii for a festival at the beginning of February.  She told me that I would be a perfect tenant because I would be leaving at the end of January and her and her husband could use the apartment at the beginning of February.  When she told me that the price was $4100 per month, I was in shock.  I told her that my agency would only allow $2100 per month.  She actually agreed to let me rent the apartment for that price.  This apartment came with a maid, a gym, and laundry services.

I felt a pull towards this particular apartment building.  When I first saw this apartment building, I just knew that I would be living there.  I didn’t worry about how it was going to happen.

In the middle of November, my agency said that I would have to move out of the apartment in December because the apartment was rented in February.  I told the housing agent that my assignment ended in January so I didn’t need an apartment for February.  She said ok and didn’t tell me that my assignment actually ended in February.  I was able to stay in the apartment until the end of January.

In the middle of January, I called my recruiter and started to talk to her about what I wanted for my next assignment.  She said it was way too early to start applying for jobs because my contract didn’t end until February.  I was shocked and went online to look and sure enough my contract said February.  Thankfully I hadn’t bought my plane ticket home yet.  I was looking for one for the end of January.  Something was holding me back from actually buying the ticket.  So my landlord had already rented the apartment for February so I had to find another place to live.

I believe that I would not have been able to rent the apartment if I had not made the “mistake” of thinking that my contract ended in January.  The landlord needed someone in the apartment until the end of January so that she would be able to use it for the first week of February.

If I rented the apartment until the end of February, would I have gotten that discount?

I’m learning that God takes care of me even when I make a mistake.  He turns it around and makes it a blessing.

I wanted an ocean view and I got one for 5 months and a huge discount too!

Just last week, I made another “mistake”.  I was looking for a rental car for 9 days.  I wasn’t finding anything cheap.  The cheapest I found was for $730.  I was booking my rental car on a new website and I made a “mistake” of putting the dates for March 19th – March 28th instead of February 19 – February 28th.  On February 19th, I went to the rental car agency and showed the person my reservation.  She quoted $950.  I said that that was way too much for just 9 days.  She showed me that my reservation was for March instead of February.  Luckily she had some cars and gave me an amazing price that I hadn’t even found online when I was looking.  I saved so much money.

I wonder what would happen if people starting looking at their “mistakes” as blessings?

The “mistake” might seem like a mistake at the moment but maybe in time that “mistake” could be seen as a blessing in disguise.

Every body makes mistakes.  I just gave you 2 example of my “mistakes”.  Trust me I’ve made more than that.


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