Meant to Be

I learned a lesson this week.

God/Universe takes care of me and helps me.

I was worried this week because I was supposed to go on a cruse at the end of June.  On Wednesday, when I called the cruise was full and there was no more rooms.  I knew that I was going to be going on this cruise.  I had seen it in my dreams.

The manager was going to check and see if anybody had cancelled.  By Friday she hadn’t called me back.  Friday was the last day to sign up for the cruise.  Of course I had to work that day.  Usually when I work I don’t get a lunch break.  Thankfully I was floated to another unit and had a great day.  I was able to get a lunch break.

When I called the manager, she told me that the cruise was still booked and no one had cancelled.  Right after saying that sentence, she says that she just found a room.  I was able to get the last room on the cruise.  I have to admit that I was worried since I waited until the last minute to book the cruise.

God/Universe has never failed me.  When I’ve done all that I need to do, God steps in and does what needs to be done.

So I will be going on a solo cruise this June.  This will begin a new chapter in my life.  My future will be on the cruise too.  All the signs point to this happening now.

I learned that when you’re meant to be somewhere, God will make a way.

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