The And

Labels are everywhere in society.

Labels are on the clothing we wear, telling us the size and who made it.  Labels are on the food we eat, telling us what is in it.

Human beings are labeled too.  Just a few of the labels are: beautiful, ugly, fat, skinny, woman, man, good, bad, black, and white.

I realized that I used to be comfortable in labeling people.

I loved to put people in a nice little box or label.  It made me feel more comfortable with the person if I could put a label on them.

When other people started to try to label me, I then realized that human beings shouldn’t be labeled.  People would tell me that I had the “good hair”, so I couldn’t be all black.  People would call me too nice or too sensitive.

Since getting to really know myself, I realized that I can be an And.  I don’t have to be either this or that but I can be an And.

The And is being two things at once.

For example, my landlord in Hawaii, told me that he was a vegetarian that sometimes eats meat.  I understood what he was saying.  He was saying that he could be a vegetarian And still eat meat.  He could call himself whatever he wants to call himself.  It didn’t matter the definition of vegetarian.  That is the label that he wants for himself.  He can be two things at once.

I call myself a vegetarian.  Since I started calling myself that, some people have said that I’m not.  I recently ate a French fry in front of someone at work.  He said that vegetarians don’t eat French fries or cake.  I can be a vegetarian And still eat meat sometimes.  Another person at work, when I was talking to another person, chimed in and said that I still ate sushi so I wasn’t a true vegetarian.

I used to feel guilty when I ate a muffin, even if it felt right at the moment.  I am a vegetarian And I can still eat what I want.

The thing that matters most is what I call myself.  I don’t have to accept any label that someone tries to put on me.

Humans can be beautiful And ugly at the same time.  Humans can be good And bad.

Labeling people used to make me comfortable.  Now it makes me uncomfortable.  Humans are multi-dimensional.

I am sensitive And strong.  I am too nice And I can still get mad at people.



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