Turning the Big 4 0

Someone recently asked me how I feel because I’m about turn 40.

I told him that I feel great. This is the best that I’ve felt in my whole life.

If you had told me how my life was going to be when I was about to turn 40, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Ten years ago, I was depressed, battling an eating disorder, and I didn’t love myself. I avoided conflict and didn’t like to speak up for myself. I turned my life around by getting a life coach and working on my issues.

I recently had to have a hard conversation with someone. I messed up and I knew that I was going to have to tell this man what happened. I was so nervous that this man was going to say he didn’t want to speak to me anymore. I knew that I had to tell him what happened. As soon as I could, I had a face-to-face conversation with him. He ended up forgiving me and still wanting to talk to me.

The old Shavawn wouldn’t have been able to do that. I probably would have just ghosted the man because I just would have assumed that he wouldn’t want to talk to me anymore because of what I had done.

This new Shavawn talked about what happened and was honest with this man. I was able to communicate what I did and what I wanted. I’m excited to see what happens with this man.

I also told this man something that I’ve never said to anyone else.

I told him we can get to know each other and see where it goes.

I’m a relationship kind of woman. I love being in a relationship. I don’t like dating. Usually when I meet a guy that I like, I like to get into a relationship quickly and then we can get to know each other.

I decided to try something new this time. Because getting into a relationship quickly hasn’t been working for me. Maybe taking my time to get to know the guy before we get into a relationship will work this time.

I’m proud of most of the choices that I have made so far that lead me to this life.

Right now, I can say I love myself and I know myself. I finally have become the woman that I saw in my dreams. That woman was happy with her body and happy with herself.

I lost 50 pounds over 6 years ago, and I have kept it off. I found a lifestyle that I can maintain and doesn’t restrict me. I can eat a piece of cake if I want to. The difference now is that I don’t eat cake and doughnuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner like I used to. For the most part, I eat healthy. I also exercise.

I found a job that I love. I work as a covid swabber on a cruise ship. I did love being a nurse, the pandemic burned me out.

Next week, I’m going to the United Kingdom and sailing to Norway, France, and Spain. That means that I will be spending my fortieth birthday internationally!!

This new company that I found lets us work on international ships.

I’ve learned and done so much in my forty years on this Earth.

I’m so glad that I decided to confront my issues and deal with them. If I had not of done that, then I wouldn’t be where I am right now.

Living a life that I love.

Mac Anderson said that “you’re always one choice away from changing your life.”

I have certainly proven that quote right.

What choice have you made in your life that completely changed your life?

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