Sometimes Listening is Hard to Do

Today, I landed in London.

My plan was to check into the hotel early and get a shower and then go see Stonehenge.

My plane landed at 6:30am and I had booked a tour that was at 8:30am.

I was hoping to get some sleep on the airplane. That didn’t happen at all. I was supposed to have the whole row to myself but there were some people that were flying stand by. So, both the seats next to me got taken at the last minute. I wasn’t able to lay down. It was also too noisy for me to sleep. I got about 2 hours of sleep.

I got to the hotel around 7:30am and they unfortunately didn’t have a room for me to check-in early.

I could have gone to the restroom and changed my clothes and freshened up.

I just didn’t feel like rushing.

So, I decided to listen to my body.

Sometimes listening to your body is hard to do.

It was a really hard decision to make because I really wanted to see Stonehenge.

I knew that if I went on the tour, I was going to have a very long day. The tour was 10 hours long. Hopefully I can get a refund.

I already had a long day. I didn’t get a room until 12pm. So, I sat in the lobby for about 4 and a half hours trying not to go to sleep. My flight had been 15 hours long.

Sometimes doing the right thing is hard.

I don’t know when I’m going to have another chance to go see Stonehenge. Maybe after my contract is over, I can stay a couple of days and then go see Stonehenge.

Do I regret my decision?

A little bit. I really did want to go but my body was just so tired after the day of traveling that I had just done.

I rested on and off the whole day which is exactly what my body needed. I feel so refreshed right now. I know that I wouldn’t have felt that way if I had gone on the tour.

In the end, I am glad that I listened to my body even though it was a hard decision.

Have you ever made a decision that was the right thing, but was really hard to make?

I know that I have seen my family make some decisions that were the right thing but was a hard decision to make.

Putting a loved one into a nursing home is a very hard decision to make. When that person needs 24-hour care and no one in the family can do it, then it becomes necessary to do the right thing for that loved one.

I saw firsthand how hard that decision was for my father. It was the right decision. No one in the family could stop working and be home with her.

I recently had to make a hard decision.

My belly button piercing got infected.

I went to the doctor.

The doctor recommended that I take out the belly button ring. The doctor said that it could turn into a bad wound and then my belly button would be messed up for life.

I listened to the doctor’s advice, but I also really wanted to keep my piercing.

I just got it in April, and I have come to love it.

I decided to keep it in.

The piercing is healing well now.

While I do recommend listening to your doctor, sometimes it helps to listen to your body.

I didn’t know for sure that my piercing was going to heal. I was nervous to leave it in because the doctor had said to take it out.

In the end, I made the best decision for me. I really had wanted to keep my piercing and if in the future I need to take it out, I will make the best decision for myself.

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