Dear Bad Sugar & Hydrogenated Oil

This letter is dedicated to my life coach, Karlee Fain.  Without your help and support, this would not be possible.

Dear Bad Sugars and hydrogenated oils,

We have to break up.  It is you and not me.  You suck.  You take me on an emotional roller coaster.  Your hydrogenated oil had me feeling like an addicted crack addict.  I was longing for your taste and unlasting comfort.  You literally had my emotions going up and down all day, every day.  The minute I tasted you, I would feel like I was on top of the world.  After the high was over, I would feel guilty and tired.  I would feel like I needed a nap, even if I had just gotten up.  You had my waistline expanding.  You had me feeling like a hypocrite while talking to my patients about their diets.  I allowed you to take my dreams from me.  I allowed you to change me into a person that I didn’t recognize.  You had me feeling unlovable and ugly.  I’ve allowed you to take my power for too long.  I’m taking it back.  I will be living a new life.  You are not invited.  I’m taking my health back too.  You cannot have that.  I will not let you destroy my body anymore.  Since I’ve let you go, I’m no longer tired.  I haven’t had to take a nap in months.  I’m exercising now.  I’m no longer on an emotional roller coaster.  My waistline has gotten smaller.  I’m living my dreams.  I’m no longer feeling ugly or unlovable.  I’m actually felling beautiful and strong.  I fell in love with this woman who I’ve become since leaving you.  My eyes are now open to the beauty of this world that I had been blinded to.  I’m out of my comfort zone and I’ve never felt so alive.

No Love,

Shavawn Boyer

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