Assholes Have A Purpose!!!


Assholes have a purpose!!  Sorry for the language, but now that I have your attention let me explain.  Almost every one has that person in their life that they can’t stand.  It could be a co-worker or a family member.  Some one that you are forced to be around but that you wouldn’t choose to be around.  I have one of those people around me.  I was talking to my health coach and she stated that it’s usually the people that you can’t stand, that are your biggest teachers.  As a travel nurse, I know that every one isn’t going to like me and that some charge nurses are going to give me the hardest assignment.  I will also be the first one to be floated to another unit when necessary. One charge nurse, just doesn’t like me and will go out of her way to be mean and nasty at every opportunity.  I don’t allow her to get to me.  I know she wants to see me lose my cool and get mad.  She will change my assignment or she won’t speak to me when I say hello.  I can’t control her behavior but I can control my behavior.  She has taught me some lessons.  She has taught me when I need to speak up and when I need to go with the flow and say nothing.  She has taught me that even when people are mean to you, it doesn’t mean that you have to be mean to them.  I’m not going to stoop down to their level and be mean too.  She doesn’t get to choose my mood or my actions, I do!  No one can make me angry, happy, or sad.  I can only choose to be angry, happy, or sad.  I also remember that even though I don’t see her in a favorable light, she has a family.  She has people in her life that love her.  She is a human being.  For example, your butthole allows the poop to leave your body.  That is its purpose and without it you couldn’t get rid of the waste in your body.  Trust me when I say you need to get rid of that waste.  When I was on the South Beach diet, I didn’t poop for a month and was vomiting every night.  In conclusion, assholes have a purpose!  I just try to see the lesson that they are there to teach me.  Every opportunity allows me to grow and become a better person.  Sorry mom for the language.  Love you Mom! Thank you for being a great example and role model for me!

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